Friday, October 3, 2014

Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 12:12 PM

¡buenas tardes!
I've been out a month and a couple days now, and I hit the field this Tuesday! This month here in the Peru MTC has been one of the hardest learning experiences of my life. But it's been so so good. filled with laughter, #thestruggle (thats for you hudson), the spirit, teaching, and meeting all forms of life haha. I've loved it. Every night I reminisce about the good old times in Mesa, AZ feeling like I've been out a year haha. Don't worry though I'm not homesick, just remembering the good times. I'm going to miss the MTC and my district homies, it been like a six week efy program out here x10
This week I've learned so much about Christ and his life and the importance of being Christlike. It is a life long pursuit to be like Christ and I can only hope to be a fraction of how kind and humble Christ was. Preach My Gospel chapter 7 about christlike attributes is genial! I encourage everyone to read that section. (hopefully its chap. 7) haha. I have developed such a love for everything and everyone here that I have never experienced because I look at everything in a different perspective. It's been great.
Spanish is still coming little by little, and I hope I can be a good jr comp soon! we teach maybe 14 times a week, yesterday I taught four times and being able to see the progress from being a little guy here is loooocoooooooooooooo. We heard a talk by a general authority this week and one thing he said was to write our families and ask them to pray for us to have the gift of tongues! I'm not saying you should pray for me, but atleast pray for others you know in foreign countries because that stuff is real life. (mom please pray for me) (and dad.) (miss you guys.)
I flipping love Elder Frost! him and all our roommates talk forever at night and just laugh, it's so refreshing. Yesterday I got up to go to the bathroom at night and as I was going in this Peruvian Elder came out fully clad, with a scarf over his mouth and nose, a beanie, a jacket, sweats, mittens and socks. you could only see his eyes, haha he looked like a straight up alien and I was laughing for eternity. its hot here I dont know what he was doing. I love the natives.
I won't be able to write for 2 weeks because I'm going to be missing pday when I finally get out to Trujillo so next email will be full of pictures!
con amor,
Élder Caldwell

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