Monday, July 25, 2016


I am beyond grateful today. 

My heart feels very full as I have been able to call old converts, old people I used to visit,
less-actives, and hear they are doing well. I feel so grateful that I cannot describe how
blessed I have been on this mission to survive, to be apart of others lives and for them
to enrich my life more. Peruvians are quite the tear-droppers when it comes to saying goodbye.
I will miss them with all my heart, they all have such a wonderful colorful personality.

I still have about a week left so Im going to aprovechar al máximo. This last week that barely
passed was one of miracles for us. I want to be short because I feel like I need to write a lot
today because this is my last Pday... the beginning of a strange new life ahead haha.
This sunday, my official last sunday in the branch I am serving was incredible. I dont think
many people knew I was going because I tried to keep quiet about it because I dont like
all the commentaries of "oh youre going home!!" makes me anxious. But I loved observing
them and just appreciating the time with them in a chapel of God in a small pueblo on the coast of Peru. At the end of the day we planned an activity called Puertas Abiertas. En ingles, Open house. It was poorly planned and for the first 10 minutes no one was coming to the  chapel to check it out (the idea was to have many new people know who we are and what we do). But we decided to turn the situation around. A crowd of members accompanied me and my companion outside as us, and the members, like a mob of people "attacked" people outside telling them to come in in their charismatic peruvian way. Crowds of people came to the chapel to hungry members ready to show them what brings them joy in the chapel. It was a beautiful sight and at the end of the day I would say atleast 100 plus people came. Not too much, but enough for us to feel happy.

Another small miracle I have to mention. We are desperately trying as a district (6 missionaries) to meet a small goal of having new investigators every week. (note that I hate goals) but I truly have enjoyed this goal and working harder. It was sunday, last day 
of the week for us, it was 8 pm and we only had 30 minutes to get back home. We were
lacking to know one more person. We took a long pause on the street and I said to 
Elder Gavidia, lets feel the spirit here. Lets think where to go. Nothing came. We 
advanced a street. Trying hard not to feel doubt, we paused again. A name suddenly came
to mind, someone who lives far and is never there. I tried hard to believe that that thought
came from the spirit or something, and I said the name Paula to my companion and we ran
to her house. I shouted, Pray for a miracle elder!! We did and when we got there, SHE WAS
THERE. She let us in eagerly and heard a small message from us juntos with her son. God
heard our faithful prayers. 

I can only hope that the messages I have shared for 2 years have helped someone, one of
you my friends, or one of my families. These experiences have been precious to me and
I know that I will remember them all my life. I know that whether we be in a mission,
or just a person in life trying to get by, God is aware of us and listens to us, even when
we dont feel like He is (and believe me, I have felt that numberless times). I know
that He loves and and I know in my mind and in my heart that His church is on the earth
today not to annoy us and load us with guilt and more homework to do (things I have felt 
before) but His church is on the earth today to edify and elevate us to new heights. I am 
thankful to God for these experiences and for the ones coming in the future and hope
that I can just be a good person and that I can love myself and others more. 

Thanks for reading for 2 years and for writing me. I love you guys and will see you soon.

We made it.

Elder Caldwell

pics: things I will miss. the mountains. the families. the chance to share the gospel 24-7

Monday, July 18, 2016


this is my second to last message home from here.

thanks for everything. I am especially thankful to God for showing me my
weaknesses and helping me become stronger. There is a picture I wish
I could show you all. It is of a storm, and there is a boat in the storm and there 
are 2 people on the shore. another boat is going out to the storm to go to the rescue.
Ive been thinking much about storms. Every day as a missionary we go out to the
storm. In the lives of those we teach there is family problems, drug problems,
heartbreak, and more. We leave our apartment (the shore) to go out there and help
others come back home. As a missionary I know what its like to be out there and
in the storm, and sometimes still there are storms going on in our lives. It helps
us to know how to help them. Through our weaknesses and experiences, we help
other come home back to Christ. I know that where He is there is only light and 
happiness. We can share the burden with him. Be we in the storm or out of it, 
we can help others get back to shore, and we can go back home too. 

we are seeing little miracles here and there. not big ones, like baptisms. but
things that mean a lot to me. one investigator who we found when I got here,
if you remember mirella, went to church all 3 hours yesterday, and said a prayer
in a class. she is reading everyday. she is growing in testimony even though
she probably doesnt realize it. she still doesnt have plans to get married, 
but i know that ill hear good news in the future. I know that she will be able
to get back to shore. another lady, fanny, the one i talked about recently, told us
2 nights ago: "ive participated in many churches. no one has ever come back to 
me to talk to me to see how i was doing from those places. you guys are the only
ones after i messed up so much. thank you. i know that from those actions that
these things are true." the spirit was big that night and im thankful we went back
to see how she was doing. 


Elder Caldwell.

the peru nature

one of the families ill miss. castillo rojas. mirella is the one on the right

Friday, July 15, 2016



 I am here enjoying the Viru weather. Soak it in!

This week I experienced a "wake up call" in district meeting on Tuesday.
Sometimes the things I dont like as a missionary are the numbers
and the cuotas and the goals we have to meet. But, sometimes thats
how things roll. We were talking about them on Tuesday and I was just
thinking of how I could better minister to the people here in Viru and I 
was pulling blanks. We had a practice of knocking on someones door and
the Elder who mimicked a typical dad who works a lot and makes little 
money impacted me.

Not sure why Im sharing this whole story, but trying to talk to this fake dad
and trying to enter into his house really showed me that I need to be bold,
that I really need to believe that I represent the Savior, but most of all I need
to be peoples friend. I cant be a robot and I need to be in the moment and talk
to the person like he is real. Sometimes we get into missionary mode and cant
really get out of it, we say the same phrases and expect different results.
but, I was glad for that experience. It woke me up as I sat there thinking how 
precious this time I have left, and how much time maybe I feel like I have blown
in this service. I need to go out and work and keep getting better. 

Elder Gavidia and I left that day fueled with determination and the spirit.
That day was maybe the only day I feel like I can say I talked with literally
everyone we could, and I really put my heart into it. I loved that day and am 
trying to make every other day be like that one. time to wake up. 

My message is short but I love you all. I read a scripture today that really
drove home: 9 "And do this that may provunto many that am thesame yesterday, today, and forever; and that speak forth my words according to mine own pleasure. And   because that have spoken one word ye need not suppose that cannot speak another; for my work is not yet finished; neither shall it be until the end of man,   neither from that time henceforth and forever." 

Gods work will never end, it will never finish. He will always love us and will
work for us, even when we think we are done. He will give us an infinite 
amount of opportunities to try and be better. Christs Atonement is not
a limited time offer, it is for forever.

Love you.

Elder Caldwell


we were true americans last pday. even being in peru for 2 years cant beat
the america spirit. hahaha. we drank coke on our balcony and talked about life.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Happy Birthday America, I love you!

the 4th of july has hit. I walked into my pensionistas house this morning and started singing the 
star spangled banner, and asked them, "como amanecieron hoy en este día gloriosa de la libertad?" How did you guys feel when you woke up this glorious morning of freedom? My 
companion didnt know how to take all the excitement. I think he is still wondering what 
happened to me and why I am celebrating so much. 

On the real though, we have been experimenting a few things this week. My companion and I
back around 2 months or so I believe, we decided to drop this investigator that wasnt progressing, in fact she was retrocediendo. I have no idea how to say that in english anymore.
but the other day I was reading in 1 corinthians 13 and read about charity. It really impacted
me. Charity is an attribute I think that every missionary needs, especially since it is the
pure love of Christ. It means having patience, loving another despite their flaws (loving yourself
despite your flaws as well), sticking with the program, hoping for the best always and having a
good attitude. I read that and this investigator came into my mind. Her name is Fanny. She wakes up at 4 in the morning to get breakfast ready for her kids, sends them off, starts work early, gets home at 5 to make dinner, and then she is ready to collapse. We stopped visiting her because she couldnt read the book of mormon even despite our many invitations and challenges. 

We started visiting her last week, just to go over there, be friends with her and her kids, and read the book of mormon with her, to help her out. She has changed in this week a lot. Now, instead of collapsing to bed after making dinner, she reads. and now she is progressing because I decided to stop being so stubborn and frustrated with someone who I thought did not want to progress. Members are helping her as well, and are visiting her and inviting her to family activities. It has been a wonderful change Ive seen. I realize so much depends on whether or not we decide everyday to have charity and love everyone for who they are and have patience in all things, even though there is opposition.

I wanted to share that this day and now Im excited to go hang up my hammocks with my comp and celebrate the 4th of july with a coca cola in hand. Yeah doggy!

Love you!

Elder Caldwell


we had the fire like I said last week. the family was stoked to do it. they whipped out some corn from their farms, and some bananas and we fried them over the fire and ate them as we talked about faith, and how its like a fire. I love the chacra life.