Monday, July 27, 2015


"Therefore, come unto me speedily with a few of your men, and leave the remainder in the charge of Lehi and Teancum; give unto them power to conduct the wair in that part of the land, according to the Spirit of God, which is also the spirit of freedom which is in them." alma 61.15

Tomorrow is the independence day of Peru! This week we celebrated much freedom. There are peruvian flags on almost all of the buildings out here, the streets decked out in red and white. It's also getting slightly colder at night, hallelujah. It's almost as great as America, haha.

We also celebrated the freedom of sins we could say! This week we were able to baptize our 4 investigators, Rafael, Yolanda, Ariana, and Laurence. Oh man the spirit was so wonderful. We had planned like I stated last week to have a Noche blanca on saturday, but Rafael wasn't able to that day so we baptized him the day before on friday. It was the most tranquil and spiritually charged baptism. No one could really attend from the ward, because everyone was working, so there was about 5 people. We got changed into all white, and we held his little baptismal service in front of the font. I stood up and gave a few words, and shared a few scriptures that had impacted him during our time as we taught him. It was a really personal time, as I mainly just looked at him the whole time I was talking. The words and spirit was flowing. We then entered into the font, and I was able to baptize him. As we left the font to go into the bathroom, I looked back to see him paused on the steps. He was letting some drops fall off of him into the water, and so I asked him what he was doing. He replied, "Well, I'm just making sure all that sin is off me." What a wonderful guy. This is a gospel of change.

Then came the next day.thechapel was chalked full of people, awaiting to see the baptisms of our wonderful 3 and some others from the other Elders. A lot of other investigators and people were able to witness the event of baptism, just like Christ did it when he was on the earth. Everything went so smoothly, and it was hard not to cry I was so overwhlemed with how grateful I was to able to do all this, and how much our Father in Heaven had provided us with. I hope we can just keep on working our hardest to keep finding prepared people by Him. He loves us so much. Through helping others, we help ourselves. 

We were able to hear some other good news this week (how could it get any greater( and find out that our great friend, hermano Segundo, a man we reactivated not too long ago had recieved his endowments. He shared of his great spiritual experience, don't worry not too in detail, and I have never seen a man so ready to share the gospel and just keep learning more. He just eats everything up and comprehends everything. Why am I so blessed to be in this area! 

I hope this week is a great one for all of you, I miss you all a ton but I know that this work really is of the Lord, and that he loves us all so much. This is His church. 


Elder Caldwell.

DC 58. 26 thorugh 33. read it!


the flag of freedom

rafael, greatest man on earth

yolanda, laurence, y ariana

Monday, July 20, 2015


"Now, when I think of the success of these my brethren my soul is carried away, even to the seperation of it from the body, as it were, so great is my joy." 

I wish I could describe to you all the happiness I feel today, but the scripture I shared is close to it. Before I go into this week, though, let me tell you all a little about my new companion Elder Mollo! He is from Arequipa, Peru, and is 25 years old. He was 7 when I was born, haha! He is only a convert of a little more than 2 years. That tells you a lot right there about his devotion. As a new convert, and missionary, he understands the gospel very simply, and I love that about him. It's perfect to teach people. There is a great joy in simplicity I have come to discover, about everything. 

I have yelled with joy a few times this week at what happened. The week was difficult, as I tried to teach my new companion a little about our area and our investigators. We didn't get into too many houses, but the ones we did, we felt the spirit helping us. A miracle approached us at the end of the week. I know I have described before one of my favorite investigators and friends we have, Rafael. He is an amazing human being who's past is pretty much full of crime and jail. He had his baptism interview the otherday, and HE PASSED. HE'S GOING TO GET BAPTIZED. Never in a human being have I seen so much change in someone. He prays, he reads, he goes to church. And his life is changing, and will change even more as he takes this step to baptism this friday. Holy moly. Wish you could meet this man. He's doing all he can, and we are too to help him! We are so blessed! This is the smallest area we have in all of the mission, and I can firmly say it is the area with the most miracles. I think I only have a few weeks here left in this area and I pray I can do the best before I leave.

We, also, as a stake and mission zone, are having an event this saturday called White Night, the Noche Blanca. Around 8 to 10 people are going to get baptized all that day, including our wonderful 3 people we teach. Yolanda, Ariana, y Lauren. They are the best. I can't wait to you all can see the pictures of us in white next week! They are so stoked for their baptism.

We are so blessed to be able to touch lives as missionaries, and I know that not only the missionaries have this opportunity. Every member has the ability to touch lives the way we do. Keep doing the little things, and God will present you with opportunities to do so. 

Love you all, 

Elder Caldwell.


elder mollo 

and the most legendary, this guy, Juan Alba, is a pioneer of the stake I'm in right now. thomas s monson gave him the priesthood

Monday, July 13, 2015


Me encanta este escritura. "yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever." - alma 37.36. its the little things.

wow, this week though. I bet I say every week how great the week was, how it was the best week yet, but this week I really mean it! This week was just straight work. Elder Lloyd's already going home, and I have a new companion. His name is Elder Mollo! I hear he is from Lima. I'm ready for a fresh start and to have a native companion. Full spanish! 

and may I add full chamba! I can't even describe how much joy this week gave me. It seemed like the Lord wanted to help out my companion, and me, and give us motivation. Elder Lloyd for home, and me still for working in the field. Let me start with an amazing experience we had with the spirit. We were in a big street, knocking on a door to visit an investigator, but they ended up not being there. We were kinda just paused on the street, looking at our planners, thinking of where to go next. I looked up, and there was a mother and son chasing around their dog that had escaped from their house. It was kind of a typical scene here, so I didn't think much. My companion noticed it too. We hesitated, searched our feelings and decided together to go try to help this mother get her dog back inside. We succeeded, and the dogs name was boby. haha! We started talking to her, and she just started talking about her life. Everything she said, EVERYTHING she said was just chalked full of things we could relate to the gospel, and every problem she told us about could be resolved with living the gospel. The spirit prompted me to share my testimony and how Christ could help us overcome such obstacles, we just need to ask him and strive to act. She responded positively by saying, "I believe that. we need to put in our part to recieve answers" we were blown away. our thoughts were that she was straight gold! Then, out of nowhere, came her husband (theyre married!) and he told us about the contact he had had with the missionaries years ago. He dug out a dusty book of mormon and told us he read half of it. He told us he loved how clear it was, and also the testimony of Joseph Smith. We were on the verge of tears, it was such a miracle to find this family. Their names are Jenny and Edwin Soto Cueva. We invited them to be baptized on the 1st of August, and also sealed the next year. Elder Mollo and I are going to be working with them a lot, I pray that they can achieve their goals and feel the spirit blessing their lives personally and as a family. Man.

such greatness!!! love my life as a missionary. also, the other families we are teaching are progressing great. Yolanda and her grandchildren are going to get baptized next saturday. They want me to baptize all 3 of them. I'm a little nervous for that! But also so grateful to take part of that step of their lives. they read the book of mormon everyday! Yolanda, the grandma, has to read it with her giant magnifying glass because her eyes arent too great, but she takes a lot of time to read each day. What patience and diligence she has. The people of Peru are truly amazing, and I know there are people like this all over the world. The Lord prepares the way for these people, and we have to prepare ourselves to help them and reach this goal of eternal life. 

Well, I send my love to all of you this Monday Morning. I'm still waiting around for my companion Elder Mollo. I hear he is serious and likes to work out. Fine by me haha. Love you all so much!!

Elder Caldwell.

pics: elder passey my homeboy from good old mesa az. he ends his mission soon.

rooftop gazing with the other elders

Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola dear loved ones,

The division is done! I'm officially in a new mission, the south. Elder Lloyd, my comp, got a shocking call last week. His mission is ending 2 weeks earlier, due to the mission split and travel changes. Next week I'll be saying who my new companion is! How crazy. I'm excited and nervous for change, but I'll miss Elder Lloyd for sure. He has a great passion to be a missionary. But off he goes to see his family again.

Speaking of families - our week is all focused on them! And we can see the gospel touching their lives. In our area we've never seen such success on finding families and having them as our main investigators. The Lord is woking behind the scenes 24/7. As such, we have a lot of baptisms coming at the end of the month. I'll tell a little about these wonderful brady bunches. Rafael and his two boys - our ex-convict investigator! He's come to church 4 times now and is ready for the change in his life with baptism. Yolanda Chavez, her mom, and her 2 daughters. She is the inactive mom we found through the temple - who is now completely active in the church and is reading the Book of Mormon daily. We also bought some books of Mormon in like drawn out pictures and stories easy to understand for her kids, for her daughters. They are a prized possesion to them. And also our new family, Giovanni and Harumy. the couple that randomly got interested in listening to us. they are very sincere. we're going to try to get them married before anything.

I wish I could take more time and write all of my feelings and details of the week, but this will have to do! I'm feeling the joy of the work and of the families.

With the passing of President Packer and Elder Perry, I noticed something - they both bore fervent final testimonies about the family and the importance and happiness entailed within. "Family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness." - Elder L. Tom Perry.

I love my fam bam, and though we aren't perfect in no way, and no family really is, through living the basic principles of the gospel, all will be made right.

Love you guys! hasta el proximo.

Elder Caldwell.