Monday, October 13, 2014

Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 9:43 AM

HELLO MUNDO! I love you all.
This is going to be a long one! It's been a crazy ride these two weeks. I departed from the CCM super early on tuesday and hopped on a plane to Trujillo! When we got there I swore I was on Tattooine! haha. just straight desert. Immediately we got picked up by our Mission Pres. and his wife, some of the nicest people I have ever met. Pres.Marler sounds like D. Todd Christofferson haha! such a cool guy. So kind.
Orientation happened, and word was going around that one of the new elders was going to be sent to the mountains, in Otuzco Peru! Annnnd it was me haha. I serve in my legit personal dream. A quaint town amidst giant foggy peruvian mountains, llamas, donkeys, farmland, and the nicest, most rugged, hardworking people I have ever seen. My companion is from Bolivia and is a stereotypical latino dude haha. Elder Copa drinks solely inca kola and wears chullo beanies. I couldnt have asked for better circumstances!! Hopefully my pictures from the CCM and out here in Otuzco explain a little of my experience thus far. Look up Otuzco in google maps, its sick!
Elder Copa andI live with Elder Tirado, the flipping man, and Elder Spencer Jackson from Mesa AZ BABY! Everywhere I go I find someone from az, its a tendermercy for sure.
We have immediately been put to work of course, and its been hard, but the spirit and the love I feel from God is amazing. Never before have I felt so close to heavenly father and seen his blessings in my life. Otuzco is unusual, the members are extremely weak. 200 here are baptized but only 30 come to church, so we primarily try to convert the members and leaders, so if we do baptize in the future, the converts can have better support. I love doing this type of work though, and the ability to share my testimony on how the gospel has strenghtened me! If any of you have suggestions on how to help these members and leaders please tell!! like experiences or scriptures, we will try anything.
General conference was amazing, with huge emphasis on prophets, Christ, testimony, and the sacrament, and also personal revelation! This conference legit made me cry several times, never before have I appreciated it so much. savor the words of the prophets,especially inenglish. haha!
AND ALSO, Elder Mason Passey found me!!! I love that guy and it was good to visit for a few minutes before he ran off to do work. Hopefully we can be comps in the future.
You are all so great and I hope life is for you too! If you want an image on how the people look and act here, remember the scene in Nacho Libre where he goes and visits the elderly couple, where the old latino dude is supposedly dead! I love these people haha, they make me laugh so much.
Mucho amor,
Elder Caldwell.
Mosiah 15.15 through 18 is our zone motto here in the mountains!
Ill send pictures in a different email!

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