Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"No tenemos que clamar a El con muchas palabras; no tenemos que incomodarlo con largas oraciones. Lo que si necesitamos, y debemos hacer como Santos de los Ultimos Dias, para nuestro propio bien, es ir ante El a menudo, testificarle que nos acordamos de El y de que estamos dispuestos a tomar Su nombre sobre nosotros, guardar Sus mandamientos, actuar con rectitud, y que deseamos tener Su Espiritu para que nos ayude." - Jospeh F. Smith. Translate it!


This week I have a lot to write about, which means a lot of good stuff happened. It was a marvel to have another week of the temple, taking 4 other sets of people to the open doors and to enjoy the abundance of the Spirit in full.
The weather was nice as well, which was a nice compliment to the vibe of the week. Overcast all week. We were able to wear sweaters too, the temperature has dropped a bunch since I arrived here in the city. Miss that Otuzco sweater weather siempre. 

So many updates on the people we teach, due to the temple. I've mentioned before Andrea, the single mother investigator who once randomly hid away from us and declined to answer our calls after. I was thinking about the Savior and his ministry, especially in Luke 15 when we was eating and spending time with sinners, people who we feel maybe didn't really deserve His attention. I felt the impression to back to Andrea, go back to a person who we felt kind of negatively about after the incident. We arrived at her house and found her, and invited her to come to the temple with us. She accepted, and we went 2 days later. Out of all the people we took this week, she got the most out of it. Every room she entered with her daughter (usually rambunctious) she was gaping and you could tell she was feeling the Spirit. We talked to her outside and told us over and over, how incredible it was. It was a joy to see an impression of the Spirit be fulfilled right before our eyes. We are back to visiting with her, and she has renewed desires to do everything to return back to the House of the Lord.

Esther has a calling now, helping primary children as well, something that will help her as she faces opposition every day in contrast to her recent decision to be a member of the Church. Segundo, the man we re-activated bore his testimony to us in the dirt floor hut of his brother, Rafael, who just was released from prison and is looking to change his ways and be closer to God. We are happy to teach right beside his now melchizidek Priesthood holding brother who holds the gospel dear to his heart. 

We are seeing many of the fruits, and it feels like the time of ours lives right now, we have a dozen references due to the temple, opening doors and hearts that were closed before. We have just 3 weeks left of this transfer, and we are doing everything we can. I'll be super sad if I leave next transfer with all this goodness coming our way, but also happy for my comp and the other elder who would reap all this. Miracles!

Monday, May 18, 2015


things to do to avoid food poisoning in Peru: 

1.dont eat ramen noodles, and then drink cold milk.
2.dont eat greasy chicken with mayonaise.

My dear loved ones,

aso macho this week was a delight my friends. I wish you could come join in in the temple celebration. We went ham this week for the 2nd week of the open house, and took many of our beloved investigators, and less actives. 

The first trip we went with a girl named Estefany who is less active because her family won't let her go to church anymore, because they oppose it. She is waiting til she can move it and get a job or other study opportunities to be able to return to church completely. she felt a reinforcement of that desire as went on Tuesday. She told us that she wanted to feel that same feeling she felt in the celestial room forever, a feeling she couldnt truly describe. We told her she could, that that was the goal, and that she wouldn't have to worry but soon things would change for her. It is a place of hope.

The next trip, we went with a man who we have reactived recently. His name is Segundo, and the rest of his family are still kind of less active. To see him share this joy with them, and for them to feel something as well, was amazing. They now have more desires to read the book of mormon together and all came to church yesterday, just in time for their dad to recieve the melchizidek priesthood. After all this time, I realize this is what real mission work is, based around the temple, and that every family can one day achieve this dream and promise of an eternal family. It is a place of promise. 

some funny points of this week. as we were walking to the little house of our man, Miguel, we discovered him sitting in his taxi cab. As we came closer, we recognized the voice of Michael Jackson. Miguel was jamming out to Billy Jean. hay esta. also another investigator gave us an avocado the size of my head. we ate it.

love you guys, keep the week good and read your scrips and stuff why dont ya.

Elder Caldwell 

Monday, May 11, 2015


"And he said unto the children of men: Follow thou me. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, can we follow Jesus save we shall be willing to keep the commandments of the Father? 
And the Father said: Repent ye, repent ye, and be baptized in the name of my Beloved Son." - 2 ne. 31:10-11

I was just reading this verse this morning and just truly enjoying the simplicity of the scriptures. They're so logical, and I'm going to be sharing this with some investigators here, that we just need to be active in our faith, keep the commandments, be baptized and stay firm to truly follow Christ. Just some thoughts of mine!

This week was truly gold however, it was definitely an up on the rollercoaster of the mission in contra to being on the down slope for awhile with the work going. We found a new additional cast member of the show The Jersey Shore (with reference to his hair), hahaha, and he is one of the best investigators. I wish I had a picture, but you'll have to imagine him. He's 20, named Miguel, and is a taxista who is saving up to go learn english and work for a cruiseship and travel the world. He has high interests in getting baptized, and reading the book of mormon, it's just hard for him to find time. We're going to be taking him to the temple open house right here after internet and indulge in the spirit with him for a time, and it is an experience we've been waiting for for awhile. I'll let you guys know how that goes!

Speaking of the temple, wow, as a missionary, it's just like an automatic spirit factory that we just take whoever in and they will definitely, no definitely feel the spirit. We've gone twice now, with some of our converts and their friends, and they are now taking the lessons from us with high interest and having felt the spirit in abundance. Having a temple in the mission is just sublime. It feels like cheating haha. 

I hope the week is great, take some time to maybe go to the temple and just sit there and contemplate. It's a wonderful thing our Father has given us, and a great place to make goals to become a better person and covenant keeper. Much love from your boy down here in Peru!
Elder Caldwell.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


howdy hey family and friends,

"If you look forward with hope and desire to do that which the Lord would have you do - that is all that is expected." - Boyd K. Packer.

this week was swell. we did much work with recent converts and less actives here in the good area of Intendencia, like a lot a lot. It was nice to be able to visit them and see how they're doing, try to keep them strong in the gospel, especially the less actives. We are teaching a youngster named Luigi, he's a kid we are trying to reactive recently. We met him just the other day, and to break the ice before we started teaching I just casually said, "so how's your girlfriend??" he got super embarassed and just got super awkward and my companion couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't figure out why, until when we were done with the lesson, and my companion said to me, "didn't you see the massive hickey on his neck?" ohh.... well, guess that will be something good to teach about in the future.

Well, changes came and went and I'll be staying here in this ward with good old Elder Lloyd, we'll end up having 4 months together haha, that is bastante tiempo. but it's all good though because we are good friends and we do good work here, so I'm excited for the next month and a half! 

We also were able to have interviews with president, which are always nice, and to enjoy the mission home for a second. Sister Marler gave each of us a Book of Mormon in English and a challenge, to mark each time anything is mentioned about God, or Christ, or the Spirit and the Book of Mormon. It has been a testimony builder, and just really refreshing to see how often it talks about them in almost every verse. I've been able to reflect on how I teach out here, and I have been able to say more and more about Christ, and the Spirit, and God and testify of them every chance I can. I love it.
This week starts the open doors for the temple!! It's going to be really the bomb diggity to be able to go everyday this month! have a great week and I'll let you all know how it goes in the temple next week. Have a good one, and tell your mommas to have a good day on Sundayaiight.

Love, Elder Caldwell