Monday, January 26, 2015

todo va estar bien 1/26/15

Como estan mi familia y mis amigos,

Howdy do! This week was a huge hit, the bolivian Elder Copa and I did
some big things and had some good numbers. Which is funny, we felt
this week was really focused just on the needs of the people and with
that focus, which is really the focus we should have as missionaries,
we had the most successful week overall. I’m super happy as we have a
bunch of new people to work with and a lot of progress to accomplish
with them this week! One story is that we found this less active
member with her children and our fist contact with her was a little
bad, she had totally refused us. But the second time we tried to visit
her she sat us down and told us basically that she feels really
strongly about coming back to church just out of nowhere! We just
looked at each other and were like yeah!  Also the investigator we’re
working heavily on is Josefina, an older woman, who we taught the plan
of salvation to this week and we invited her to be baptized in
February. She was a little concerned about her preparation, she really
wants to be the upmost prepared for her baptism which we admire a lot
and we’re going to keep working on it so she feels confident about her
date! She reads every chapter we give her in the book of Mormon and
told me yesterday in church, “wow the last chapter I read… seems
baptism is really essential.”  Sin duda she is awesome.
This last week Elder Price and I actually did climb a mountain and
visited some farms in the pouring rain, the first Peruvian mountain!
So green and cool. I probably wont have the chance to send some
pictures for awhile but they are good. We also had companionship
exchanges, I was with Elder Solorzano the zone leader for the day, and
so I was in charge of our area and I was pretty nervous to do all that
work, but it ended up turning out fine and I learned a lot, truly I
know that Heavenly Father will help us accomplish anything He puts in
our way.
This week will be a good one, my Peruvian friends are going to make a
cake for me and smash my face in it as they do with everyone here who
has a birthday, and we also have interviews with the president!
Excited for all dat good stuff.

 I hope all is the best this week, enjoy your last week of January!!

Elder Caldwell

Monday, January 19, 2015


Family and friends,

So good to be able to write you all this day! This week was all over
the place and a lot of great stuff happened. Sadly, the day before our
baptism was about to happen and all the preparations made and ready to
go, the father of our baptism Tatiana called us and totally changed
his mind, and sooo we had to cancel everything. I felt super crushed
for Tatiana and realized how much of the adversary is out here as much
as the spirit. It’s all good though, and I learned that we just gotta
keep trotting forward and doing our best as missionaries and always
make sure we have the spirit with us. We’re going to keep visiting her
and hopefully in the next year or in some time her dad will be ready
to let her be baptized. Other than that, we had a super spiritual
lesson on Saturday with an older woman named Josefina. We taught her
the first lesson and I started teaching first, and right when I
started talking, she put her head down and closed her eyes, ready to
go to sleep already! Hahah I was like man I gotta spicen up my
teaching skills or something. As soon as I noticed that I asked her
how she felt about her relationship with heavenly father. She slowly
put her head up, looked at me and went off for a good 3 minutes about
how she felt and how she wanted to improve, it was so great. We then
went on with the lesson, her asking some really good questions and she
came to church the next day! Super happy with how that’s going.

Also, I have some big news about the temple down here in Trujillo!! We
were in the breakfast pad Saturday morning here in Otuzco with the
assistants to the president because they visited our area this week,
where they got a call from Hermana marler telling us that the temple
will be dedicated June 21st!!!! They’re going to have open doors from
May til then, and also a cultural celebration. I am so stoked for this
temple, it’s such a blessing to be apart of something so huge and
special. Ademas, the mission is going to be split the week after the
dedication. In 6 months some big stuff is going down for sure!

Well I’m off to go climb a mountain and enjoy the scenery with some
rugged Peruvian farmers who live up there. Haha I hope I can provide
you all with pictures later. Much love! Also if you have time watch
the Mormon message, “mountains to climb” by president eyring its one
of my favorites.

Con cariƱo,

Elder CAUD-WAY. That’s how they pronounce my name

Monday, January 12, 2015

Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 9:15 AM

Howdy fam and friends,

This week was a really good one, and I feel like Elder Copa and I
accomplished a lot of good stuff. First off to start the week we
headed up on a bus into the mountains one more time for Huamachucho to
have zone conference! We have a bunch of new elders in the zone who
bring a lot of really great energy and I feel really good with all of
them, I think we’re going to have a lot of success with the new
attitude we have in the zone! We created a goal to have atleast 7
souls (baptisms or rescues) and we already have one under way! Our
zone leader had the interview with Tatiana yesterday, so she will be
getting baptized this Saturday! My first baptism! She is a super cool
girl and really really smart for her age, so I’m super excited for
this step in her life. She was bouncing up and down and just smiling
from ear to ear the whole time we were with her, she is so ready and
excited and its such a huge blessing to see something like that.

Other than that awesome news, we found out that practically our whole
branch presidency is leaving for their chacras or to study, so we’re
basically left alone out here right now. President Marler is coming
down later this week to sort things out, so I’ll let you know what
happens! We might have to have some of the elders here in our area be
apart of the presidency of the branch, which is super crazy.
We had some amazing plans to go finally hike a mountain today in our
area, buuut then my companion woke up super sick and can hardly talk!
We did make a fire in our backyard again though last night after
planning and had our tradition of smores which is always the best. and
also yesterday my  told me that he’s going to let me direct our area
for the week, im nervous to see how that goes and its going to be a
little tough at first for sure.

Something funny that happened this week is that we had found a less
active family, a couple of 90 years old who are some of the greatest
people ive met our here haha, they haven’t been coming to church
because they forget what days are which at times. Theyre out in the
boondocks of our area and they still work in their farms at 90 years
of age!! These people. We retaught them the 1st lesson yesterday, no
joke, yelling the whole time. The guy Juan Prado is his name is half
deaf and so we had to yell! It was something Ill never forget it was
so funny, but they were so sincere and so thrilled and smiling the
whole time to have us there yelling in their faces.

I hope this week is super gewd for all of you, and always remember the
Alamo. Gracias.

Elder Caldwell

ps jaime please forward this message, terrible internet again1

Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5/15 pictures

1.enjoying some food with some of my favorite members in otuzco.
2.everyone here having birthdays this month! Hna. Esther, Elder Price y yo
4.I tried spelling new year
5. this baby llama followed me and my comp around for a good 15 minutes!

Monday, January 5, 2015 8:56 AM

Sent: Monday, January 5, 2015 8:56 AM
Subject: dos mil quince

Wooooo happy new year everyone!

With changes in the area we recieved a new elder, Elder Price also from Mesa, Az! I think Ive officially met every elder out here from mesa haha! It´s crazy. This elder is great though, with a lot of energy and new ideas for the area. He went to Heritage Academy and looks like a vampire! I´m stoked for all our plans for Otuzco! 

Sadly both couples we were trying to marry this month didn´t work out, but we´re going to keep trying with them! I hope that we can atleast plant some seeds in their hearts and maybe with some other elders or in another time they can be prepared for this step in their life! We do have a baptism coming up though this 17th of january for an 11 year old girl haha, we´re not supposed to baptize kids in the mission unless their whole family is getting baptized as well, or they have enough support in the home! And luckily she has enough support. Shes the granddaughter of one of our strongest members here, and she was a reference to teach, and so far so good! We have taught her all the lessons and I truly believe she knows this is true! We´re going to have her grandpa Olidon baptize her!

Other than that good news, we saw one miracle this week. We as a district here have been working this whole time to reactivate one of our old branch presidents who fell away awhile ago, and this friday night he showed up to a little activity of ours! Instead of being rude or afraid of him, all the members there greeted him with open arms and smiles and for sure I felt a really special spirit as they welcomed him and we had him in our chapel playing a little game and teaching. He didn´t come to church because of work, but we´re going to still be working with him too! it´s just the beginning! Elder Price was in a lesson him him and he said that what he thinked really worked with Jhoner, was that he asked him about what he had felt at his baptism. It´s a blessing to be baptized in this church and always remember those beautiful feelings after emerging from thefont. And if we ever lose our way, we have our Savior. Alma 7.12 is one of my favorite scriptures I found this week, and I encourage you all to read it!

I hope this second week of the new year is as best as the first, I love you all so much! Ill try to send another email loaded with photos!

Elder Caldwell