Monday, January 19, 2015


Family and friends,

So good to be able to write you all this day! This week was all over
the place and a lot of great stuff happened. Sadly, the day before our
baptism was about to happen and all the preparations made and ready to
go, the father of our baptism Tatiana called us and totally changed
his mind, and sooo we had to cancel everything. I felt super crushed
for Tatiana and realized how much of the adversary is out here as much
as the spirit. It’s all good though, and I learned that we just gotta
keep trotting forward and doing our best as missionaries and always
make sure we have the spirit with us. We’re going to keep visiting her
and hopefully in the next year or in some time her dad will be ready
to let her be baptized. Other than that, we had a super spiritual
lesson on Saturday with an older woman named Josefina. We taught her
the first lesson and I started teaching first, and right when I
started talking, she put her head down and closed her eyes, ready to
go to sleep already! Hahah I was like man I gotta spicen up my
teaching skills or something. As soon as I noticed that I asked her
how she felt about her relationship with heavenly father. She slowly
put her head up, looked at me and went off for a good 3 minutes about
how she felt and how she wanted to improve, it was so great. We then
went on with the lesson, her asking some really good questions and she
came to church the next day! Super happy with how that’s going.

Also, I have some big news about the temple down here in Trujillo!! We
were in the breakfast pad Saturday morning here in Otuzco with the
assistants to the president because they visited our area this week,
where they got a call from Hermana marler telling us that the temple
will be dedicated June 21st!!!! They’re going to have open doors from
May til then, and also a cultural celebration. I am so stoked for this
temple, it’s such a blessing to be apart of something so huge and
special. Ademas, the mission is going to be split the week after the
dedication. In 6 months some big stuff is going down for sure!

Well I’m off to go climb a mountain and enjoy the scenery with some
rugged Peruvian farmers who live up there. Haha I hope I can provide
you all with pictures later. Much love! Also if you have time watch
the Mormon message, “mountains to climb” by president eyring its one
of my favorites.

Con cariƱo,

Elder CAUD-WAY. That’s how they pronounce my name

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