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Monday, January 5, 2015 8:56 AM

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Wooooo happy new year everyone!

With changes in the area we recieved a new elder, Elder Price also from Mesa, Az! I think Ive officially met every elder out here from mesa haha! It´s crazy. This elder is great though, with a lot of energy and new ideas for the area. He went to Heritage Academy and looks like a vampire! I´m stoked for all our plans for Otuzco! 

Sadly both couples we were trying to marry this month didn´t work out, but we´re going to keep trying with them! I hope that we can atleast plant some seeds in their hearts and maybe with some other elders or in another time they can be prepared for this step in their life! We do have a baptism coming up though this 17th of january for an 11 year old girl haha, we´re not supposed to baptize kids in the mission unless their whole family is getting baptized as well, or they have enough support in the home! And luckily she has enough support. Shes the granddaughter of one of our strongest members here, and she was a reference to teach, and so far so good! We have taught her all the lessons and I truly believe she knows this is true! We´re going to have her grandpa Olidon baptize her!

Other than that good news, we saw one miracle this week. We as a district here have been working this whole time to reactivate one of our old branch presidents who fell away awhile ago, and this friday night he showed up to a little activity of ours! Instead of being rude or afraid of him, all the members there greeted him with open arms and smiles and for sure I felt a really special spirit as they welcomed him and we had him in our chapel playing a little game and teaching. He didn´t come to church because of work, but we´re going to still be working with him too! it´s just the beginning! Elder Price was in a lesson him him and he said that what he thinked really worked with Jhoner, was that he asked him about what he had felt at his baptism. It´s a blessing to be baptized in this church and always remember those beautiful feelings after emerging from thefont. And if we ever lose our way, we have our Savior. Alma 7.12 is one of my favorite scriptures I found this week, and I encourage you all to read it!

I hope this second week of the new year is as best as the first, I love you all so much! Ill try to send another email loaded with photos!

Elder Caldwell

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