Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Love you mom! and dad, and everyone!

this week was maravilloso. some ups and downs, but we keep going. We realized quickly this week that some answers to prayers were right in front of our face the whole time. We are back to square 1 with all of our investigators, we got a clean slate, but we realized that a member had been bringing one of her friends to church for awhile now, and we were able to teach her all week! Her name is Rut, supposed to be like Ruth, haha, but its been great. Her mother had passed away recently and so we immediately taught her that she could see her mom again and all the good stuff shes doing right now would make her mom happy. We asked her to pray at the end, and she just let everything go. we were all crying at the end, it was a powerful prayer.

also, a little update on some of our converts, esther and felix! They are doing super well, Felix has the priesthood now as a teacher, passes the sacrament every week and yesterday we helped him work on HIS DUTY TO GOD. He is so solid already working on that!!! Esther is doing well as well, coming to church every sunday and paying her tithing. I love seeing how sweet the fruits of the gospel are. 

I learned to take everything from a different perspective this week, some weird things happened. One of our investigators, andrea, totally hid from us after we knocked on the door, seeing her in plain sight and wont answer our calls. All we can do is hope that one day the missionaries can go back one day and that seed that mightve been planted can grow. Also, we met this random man from Lima who had met with  the Elders over there. He is super stoked to see us and talk to us and is a major blessing. Perhaps the Elders over in Lima thought they had lost some investigator by moving to Trujillo, but little do we sometimes know that God really has planned everything out, to give chances to everyone again and again.

a funny story for this week was that we were in a meeting with our ward mission leader, and his dad came up to us and was like "hey guys! ive been thinking, can you print me up a map of the area, I'mma go get you guys some investigators and go knocking on some doors!!!!" hahaha, well sure why not. excited to see what he comes up with.

Well, I love you all! we took a sweet trip to the almost done Trujillo temple last pday! enjoy the pictures!

Elder Caldwell

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