Monday, April 13, 2015

Date: Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 7:51 AM Subject: tender mercies

"Courage becomes a living and an attractive virtue when it is regarded not only as a willingness to die manfully but also as the determination to live decently." - Thomas S. Monson.

This week was a difficult one in regards to the work, but also full of tender mercies. I learned to always look on atleast one positive thing that happened on a day. There were many that happened everyday this week, so truly it wasn't too difficult. We had been so occupied before on trying to get Esther and Felix to progress and get baptized, that we forgot to do other things we were supposed to do, haha, like finding new investigators.

woops! So, our solution was to just hit the pavement and contact our brains out. And we did, hahah! We've never contacted more in our lives, just talking to everyone, and it felt like a terrible missionary comedy because almost EVERYONE turned us down. At one point it just started getting funny because of how badly we were getting turned down. But, on the brightside, those tender mercies of our Lord we always noticed. At the end of one long day on the streets, we noticed a middle aged woman on crutches trying to close her door. We ran over and helped her close it, and she was one of the sweetest ladies Ive met. Super nice, and very ready to listen to us. In fact, she had had friends in the church and didn't call us Mormons, but The church of Jesus Christ. That was a huge blessing. We also found another dude, a taxista, who actually lives in our area. We gave him a little summary of what we do in his taxi on a ride home, and we asked if him we could stop by. He said, "that would be really great. Ive been needing something like this in my life." Hallelujah! We taught him the other day, Cesar, and he's doing well and reading. 

The temple is changing lives here. We have the open doors for the Trujillo Temple here in May, and we are getting super psyched for it and inviting everyone. We will have the ability to leave our area with investigators, less actives, or recent converts and go to the open house with them. DREAM. Just the other day, we were walking to our pensionista when a man we kind of knew stopped us. He is seriously inactive, like 15 years or so, and he told us that he heard about the temple open doors. He was sad because he said he couldnt go. We told him that of course he could go, anyone could go. He looked at us, with just a look in his eyes, and told us he remembered the Lima temple and when he got sealed to his wife. Just like a longing. We told him we'd love to go with him and now we have a date planned to go. As we started walking away, he said "I guess this is called my reactivation." :)

Funny story! I was on an interchange this week, with a gringo, Elder Nielsen from good old Utah. We were doing our thing, knocking on a door, when I swear I felt a rock hit my back. I looked around, but there was no one there... so, we went into the house, taught a lesson. As we walked out, Elder Nielsen started laughing hysterically. There ended up being a giant bird poop on my back. It was bloody! sooo gross. Ill send the picture of it. It was massive. Well, hahaha, hope that you all enjoyed this early morning email. Have a super good week. Much love,

elder caldwell 

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