Monday, April 27, 2015


I blink and it's pday again. It's been a fun week, we did lots and lots and talked about the temple til the cows came home.

I'm trying to soak up this great time that is just leaving my hands like sand! My companion, Elder Lloyd will probably leaving after this week, so who knows what kind of new things, adventures are coming my way here in Trujillo. It looks like I'm going to be staying in the Trujillo South Mission, but, we'll see!

As I said earlier, this week has been all about the Temple of Trujillo. We have been having tons of Family Nights with members in our ward with their friends, neighbors and relatives. All we do is talk about the temple and schedule a day to go with them together to the open doors. Next month is going to be a ride literally, we'll be riding in a bus to the temple every day!! A specific dude we taught one quiet night, was hermano Juan. He's an artist, and super sophisticated. I drew the little knowledge I remembered from taking my Art History class and talked about Picasso and stuff hahaha, it was funny. He is super active in his church, and when we started talking about eternal families and being sealed, he said, "doesnt the person who does that ordinance have to be authorized by like the prophet or an apostle or something??" I just looked at my companion, and we were both thinking... most sophisticated investigator in the world!! he's great, hope to see more of him soon.

We also went on one of the busiest streets here in our area, called Avenida Espana and just passed out invitations for the temple, experiencing like 100 rejections and maybe 10 people who really were looking forward to come and were receptive. I enjoyed it though, it was funny being rejected and finding those little diamonds in the rough as well, those people who our Father in Heaven had prepared.

Well, thats about it for this week, just templos templos templos no mas, pero, I miss you all. A drunk dude fake pick-pocketed me this week, just put his hand in my pocket as I was knocking on a door. I turned around to look at him and he just laughed and walked away. I love Peru.

con amor,

Elder caldwell

ps. some good pictures this week. found my trainer, Elder Copa on the streets last pday! Burned my way over due 6 month tie (some kinda tradition in this mission) and one of the members in our ward made a photoshop for us that says, EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY. its classic.

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