Wednesday, May 6, 2015


howdy hey family and friends,

"If you look forward with hope and desire to do that which the Lord would have you do - that is all that is expected." - Boyd K. Packer.

this week was swell. we did much work with recent converts and less actives here in the good area of Intendencia, like a lot a lot. It was nice to be able to visit them and see how they're doing, try to keep them strong in the gospel, especially the less actives. We are teaching a youngster named Luigi, he's a kid we are trying to reactive recently. We met him just the other day, and to break the ice before we started teaching I just casually said, "so how's your girlfriend??" he got super embarassed and just got super awkward and my companion couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't figure out why, until when we were done with the lesson, and my companion said to me, "didn't you see the massive hickey on his neck?" ohh.... well, guess that will be something good to teach about in the future.

Well, changes came and went and I'll be staying here in this ward with good old Elder Lloyd, we'll end up having 4 months together haha, that is bastante tiempo. but it's all good though because we are good friends and we do good work here, so I'm excited for the next month and a half! 

We also were able to have interviews with president, which are always nice, and to enjoy the mission home for a second. Sister Marler gave each of us a Book of Mormon in English and a challenge, to mark each time anything is mentioned about God, or Christ, or the Spirit and the Book of Mormon. It has been a testimony builder, and just really refreshing to see how often it talks about them in almost every verse. I've been able to reflect on how I teach out here, and I have been able to say more and more about Christ, and the Spirit, and God and testify of them every chance I can. I love it.
This week starts the open doors for the temple!! It's going to be really the bomb diggity to be able to go everyday this month! have a great week and I'll let you all know how it goes in the temple next week. Have a good one, and tell your mommas to have a good day on Sundayaiight.

Love, Elder Caldwell

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