Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"No tenemos que clamar a El con muchas palabras; no tenemos que incomodarlo con largas oraciones. Lo que si necesitamos, y debemos hacer como Santos de los Ultimos Dias, para nuestro propio bien, es ir ante El a menudo, testificarle que nos acordamos de El y de que estamos dispuestos a tomar Su nombre sobre nosotros, guardar Sus mandamientos, actuar con rectitud, y que deseamos tener Su Espiritu para que nos ayude." - Jospeh F. Smith. Translate it!


This week I have a lot to write about, which means a lot of good stuff happened. It was a marvel to have another week of the temple, taking 4 other sets of people to the open doors and to enjoy the abundance of the Spirit in full.
The weather was nice as well, which was a nice compliment to the vibe of the week. Overcast all week. We were able to wear sweaters too, the temperature has dropped a bunch since I arrived here in the city. Miss that Otuzco sweater weather siempre. 

So many updates on the people we teach, due to the temple. I've mentioned before Andrea, the single mother investigator who once randomly hid away from us and declined to answer our calls after. I was thinking about the Savior and his ministry, especially in Luke 15 when we was eating and spending time with sinners, people who we feel maybe didn't really deserve His attention. I felt the impression to back to Andrea, go back to a person who we felt kind of negatively about after the incident. We arrived at her house and found her, and invited her to come to the temple with us. She accepted, and we went 2 days later. Out of all the people we took this week, she got the most out of it. Every room she entered with her daughter (usually rambunctious) she was gaping and you could tell she was feeling the Spirit. We talked to her outside and told us over and over, how incredible it was. It was a joy to see an impression of the Spirit be fulfilled right before our eyes. We are back to visiting with her, and she has renewed desires to do everything to return back to the House of the Lord.

Esther has a calling now, helping primary children as well, something that will help her as she faces opposition every day in contrast to her recent decision to be a member of the Church. Segundo, the man we re-activated bore his testimony to us in the dirt floor hut of his brother, Rafael, who just was released from prison and is looking to change his ways and be closer to God. We are happy to teach right beside his now melchizidek Priesthood holding brother who holds the gospel dear to his heart. 

We are seeing many of the fruits, and it feels like the time of ours lives right now, we have a dozen references due to the temple, opening doors and hearts that were closed before. We have just 3 weeks left of this transfer, and we are doing everything we can. I'll be super sad if I leave next transfer with all this goodness coming our way, but also happy for my comp and the other elder who would reap all this. Miracles!

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