Monday, May 18, 2015


things to do to avoid food poisoning in Peru: 

1.dont eat ramen noodles, and then drink cold milk.
2.dont eat greasy chicken with mayonaise.

My dear loved ones,

aso macho this week was a delight my friends. I wish you could come join in in the temple celebration. We went ham this week for the 2nd week of the open house, and took many of our beloved investigators, and less actives. 

The first trip we went with a girl named Estefany who is less active because her family won't let her go to church anymore, because they oppose it. She is waiting til she can move it and get a job or other study opportunities to be able to return to church completely. she felt a reinforcement of that desire as went on Tuesday. She told us that she wanted to feel that same feeling she felt in the celestial room forever, a feeling she couldnt truly describe. We told her she could, that that was the goal, and that she wouldn't have to worry but soon things would change for her. It is a place of hope.

The next trip, we went with a man who we have reactived recently. His name is Segundo, and the rest of his family are still kind of less active. To see him share this joy with them, and for them to feel something as well, was amazing. They now have more desires to read the book of mormon together and all came to church yesterday, just in time for their dad to recieve the melchizidek priesthood. After all this time, I realize this is what real mission work is, based around the temple, and that every family can one day achieve this dream and promise of an eternal family. It is a place of promise. 

some funny points of this week. as we were walking to the little house of our man, Miguel, we discovered him sitting in his taxi cab. As we came closer, we recognized the voice of Michael Jackson. Miguel was jamming out to Billy Jean. hay esta. also another investigator gave us an avocado the size of my head. we ate it.

love you guys, keep the week good and read your scrips and stuff why dont ya.

Elder Caldwell 

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