Monday, August 10, 2015


hello dearly beloveds,

what a spankin great week. we just got back from making some genuine leather sandals with the craftiest man you'll ever see this side of the rio pollo. His name is Charles and he had bushy white eyebrows. He showed and guided us in the long process of making the sandals, and it was tedious but worth it at the end. now they're going to last a lifetime!

that process is similiar with all of us. I've been learning a lot and thinking a lot about becoming. A few weeks ago we recieved a training on how we can better teach with the end in mind. I also recently read a talk by our prophet Thomas S. Monson from 2012 about the same subject. In my 7 months here in this area I've seen many people change and grow in the gospel - including myself. "we should develop the capacity to see men not like they are now, but what they can become with a testimony of Christ." No matter who these people are, rich, poor, drug addicts, nobodys, depressed, God has a plan for them to unlock their potential. God doesn't see us for who we are, only what we can become. Imagine them in baptismal clothes, in the temple, then work towards that goal until they realize it. We can look at ourselves that way too. If we are burdened down by sin, feel depressed, like a loser, focus on what you can become. With a happy family, in the temple, living a healthy lifestyle with a good attitude. think of your best self, and remember that is the person that Heavenly Father wants you to become. It is so possible, I have come to realize in this year of my mission. 

just like it is found in alma 15.4-11, we can change even as zeezrom did. 

our wonderful couple and family we are teaching, I told you all last week, are getting married! they plan on the 21st of august now for their marriage, and the next day will be their baptism. When we first met this family, they pretty much wanted nothing to do with us. But when I saw them I knew they could become an eternal family. I tried to imagine them being sealed, and joy swept over me. This can now become a reality because we decided to put all of our efforts, prayers, fasts into them. They too have been working, and working more than all of us has been the spirit. I testify of the change in people. i am eternally grateful for the impact the gospel has had in my life and the lives of those around me. can't belive it's taken me this long to learn all this, enjoy all this, and fully live the gospel, but it is so nice. hope you can all enjoy the gospel this week, and your lives. love you all so much. keep keeping the Obeso Leon family in your prayers!! 

back to work now :)

love ya,

elder caldwell.

ah by the way ill be emailing next week on tuesday because we are GOING TO THE TEMPLE


enjoying a nice peruvian meal and drink with our peruvian grandma.

the man, the myth, the legend, carlos helping us with our sandals. 

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