Monday, August 31, 2015


ay ay ay.


wow I miss you guys with all my heart. Im out here in the middle of nowhere, let me tell you. after travelling 8 hours on the bus, we came up over a hill and there I beheld where Id be living for who knows how long. I think I grew a few moustache hairs looking at the mountains and stuff. I think they send boys here to become men. I live at the base of a mountain, and behind this mountain we can see what looks like the Matterhorn straight out of disneyland, it is breathtaking.Its just covered in snow, so im back to wearing sweaters and jackets everyday hallelujah.

Where we live, it is just straight people from the chacra. They actually speak a different language, all of them. Spanish is their second language, and their first is an ancient indian language here called Quechua. Im learning a bit and I can communicate with some really ancient people out here. imanotanquekanki is how are you doing? Im convinced these people are the straight descendants of the lamanites. Im stoked to be out here. All ive been hearing lately as well from the zone is how hard it is to do the work out here, and oh man am I tired of hearing that. of course its going to be hard, no matter where you go but you just gotta work and find solutions. My companion is from Ecuador and is also 25 years old. he resembles a vampire. 

We dont have a ward here, or a branch. we have to travel 30 minutes to go to the nearest ward, so its a little hard to get investigators to come to church because they cant pay for the movility. Im thinking that we need to start a family group here, the most basic unit of the church. There is only one really active family here, and we live in their house and eat with them. They are the best and so so strong in the gospel. Im really hoping I can create a good friendship with them so we can start brining people into this family group, and then eventually into a branch.

so much to talk about, wow. ahhh so we recently found the best family in the world out here, just the upmost humble. they are the cordero family, and they live waaay out there. we have to travel 15 minutes to get to their house in the middle of the fields. they dont have much, but they do have a car which is really out of place haha. we are hoping we can help them progress and get them to church in Caraz. They always serve us food when we come, and because of the rules we cant eat it. but if we dont eat it, they will be offended. (everyone gets offended really easily here). you have to eat all of it. last night we had some orange slop with watermelon seeds in it. I dont know what it was, haha. But I love them and I cant wait to keep you guys updated on how they go. 

I wish I could send you all pictures, but my computer isnt too good today. next week you will see the matterhorn! also something really random that happened, is that a sister Flake came into my district, shes brand new, and my cousin! from arizona and everything. shes great, my district is great! if any of you though have ideas on how I can better change their attitude towards their difficult areas, please help me out. 

love you all con un gran amor que no puedo describir. 

elder caldwell

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