Monday, August 24, 2015


´´for the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled.¨ mormon 8.22. a small verse that gives me a lot of hope and peace.

I love being a missionary of the Lord. it´s nice to know that as I leave this beloved area of mine, just like that scripture says, the work will roll on. I´m so excited to hear how my companion and his new companion do, and what miracles what they see. I loved this area, and the people I met here will forever be apart of me now. it hurts to leave, but when changes like this happen you have to know that it´s only for the better, and that the Lord wants you to become something greater.

I got the call last night to be a district leader in a super far off land in the mountains again, called Yungay. It´s pronounced like yoonguy. It´ll be close to a big popular area, called Huaraz. you gotta look up pictures of this places, I hear it is super pretty. there are snow on the mountains there. I´m so unbelievably excited to return to llama land. I´m gonna hop on a bus here pretty soon to be travelling for 10 HOURS. holy moly. There is some crazy legends about my area, maybe not legends. in 1970 the missionaries were where I´m going. the people were super wicked and totally rejected the elders, even they started like fighting with them. Eventually they left the little town and they returned to try again, and they warned the people that if they didn´t stop being wicked, and repent, they would be destroyed. they kept up being evil people, so the elders left again. soon after a huge earthquake happened, and a landslide completely destroyed the town and everyone in it, except the children were miraculously saved. hahaha. you might think that im just saying some made up story, but everyone I ask tells me about how yungay had been destroyed. Í´m so scared and excited. 

I´m so grateful to learn more and progress, I´m so grateful that I have been trusted with a district, I feel super unqualified for that but I´m going to do my best. holy moses such crazy news. Our fantastic family, are getting married this week, and atleast 2 of them are getting baptized the next day. my heart is full, and I wish I could fully express myself how blessed I have been to be apart of their lives. everytime I look at my patriarchal blessing and read the promises therein, I realize how they are being fulfilled. I´m excited for life and the future, man. thanks for everything, everyone. I´m so happy to be apart of your lives and know each one of you. our lives are so enriched, yet sometimes we don´t even realize it. the most important thing we have in our lives, is the people. 

ahhhh can´t wait to go to yungay, and tell you all about the crazy adventures I will have up there next week! we have the whole town to ourselves, my new companion Elder Pacuasi and I. The whole town is gonna know us! 

Love you all so much! la misión es lo maximo.

Elder Caldwell.


one family, where im holding a cat is a family we baptized not too long ago. they are great.

the next family is the obeso leon family! love them!!

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