Saturday, December 26, 2015



heyo. it was another christmas in peru, really great. I had my lights up in my cuarto and we actually recieved some carolers one night. it was another one to put in the books, a christmas where I wasnt with my family and didnt celebrate it too much, but one to remember because I feel I understand more what christmas is really about. CHRIST, MAS!

It was great to skype some of the family and to festivate with some other companions and to see their families. we had a strange occurence and really quite the miracle happen as we were in the office yesterday, christmas day. We were there, just kind of wrapping up some work and some lady with her young children walk in. I thought she was just going to ask us for directions but she then went on to tell us her story. Us office elders stood around us as she kind of chastened us, saying, "its so hard to find you guys! Ive been looking everywhere!! do you have a book of mormon I can read??" She is about the one peruvian person I have met who used a computer and found out about the church and wanted to get in contact us. She went on, "Ive tried about every other church but it amazes me that I have felt nothing too special with them. When I read about this church though, I did feel something. I would really like a book of mormon to read and go to mass (haha) with you guys someday!" We were thrilled, handed her every pamphlet, a book of mormon and some words of advice and direction to find the elders where she lives and meet with them. It was so amazing to see something like that occur on christmas. She left so happy, promising us she was going to the park right now so her kids could play and she could read the book of mormon.

I have no doubt in my mind she did, well, because she came in today during our district meeting and made the best interumption that I didnt mind at all. She came in and sat down and told us her experience reading and praying about the book. She told us she knew it was true based on her feelings. Honestly, I had never seen someone so ... prepared, so smart and clear and really knew her feelings. It was awesome. Im super stoked and jealous the elders are going to have teaching her in their area. 

I hope that little cuenta warms your hearts this (after) christmas day, and I hope its been a memorable one for you. I love you guys, and Im excited for another year to keep working for the Lord and being his servant for a few more months. 

elder caldwell.


shiny shoes.
the tree
elder price burned his pants in the mountains
other thing i forgot

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