Saturday, January 2, 2016



its going peachy keen over here. Well, allí. This week was hectic due to we had transfers and were running all over, but in the end we realized we did our job and we hit our heads to our pillows in pure cansado-ness every night. So all is well!

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness . . . It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart." -Gandhi (thanks for giving me the quote book stef, hace más que un año atras)
 I feel like the biggest thing I have learned out here in the mission thus far is dealing with ups and downs, but dealing with it all through prayer. Prayer is our anchor and I feel like you guys have noticed how much I like to talk about it and how many scripture references I give to it. Prayer is the number one thing that can help us feel good, and closer to God always. It is so easy, even as Gandhi explains it here. We prayed a lot this week, maybe we did some asking, but I want to try to be better being more thankful for all I have, and that everything for the day turned out alright. 

Good news: The woman I talked about not too long ago, Cynthia, the one who approached us on Christmas day is being taught and has decided to get baptized this 16 of January. She came into the office and greeted us this morning again and thanked us for everything. She is so happy and she told us a few of her experiences with prayer as well. She is so great and I am excited for her, and the elders teaching her. What an experience. En cuanto of our friend, Francisco, he has been travelling to the jungle and the mountains so we got a little out of touch with him recently. But he is back now in Trujillo, so we are going to call him tonight to invite him to church again. He is a little above middle-aged and has great desires to just know more and make the right decision. He says he knows the church is true but he wants to prepare a little more (we sure hope we can help him prepare a little more) before he gets baptized. 

Im also grateful I was able to skype with the family a little bit and see how mom was doing after her surgery. Love you guys! It gives us so much more encouragement and animo as missionaries to talk to our families and see that they are still rooting us on. It helps me understand how much our Heavenly Father is rooting for us all and wishes we return well. 

Welp, these are some of my thoughts for the week. Love you guys. 

Elder Caldwell.


Nelson (Elder) Lloyd came to town with his family this week to visit for the Holidays. I was lucky to see my old companion of 6 months when he stopped by the office. one of my best friends.

we also greeted the new ones and took them on a tour to the temple. always nice. 

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