Tuesday, June 21, 2016



not sure what to say this week. haha. if I could I would take a picture of my face right now
thinking about how this is already my last transfer in the mission. its ridiculous. 
but here I am, and I cannot stop this train. 

elder gavidia was able to push through his foot problems with the miracle of a lot of ibuprofen,
ice, and foot cream to put down the pressure so we are back to working one hunnid percent.
we have been reading a lot about prayer together and in the manual they give us, Preach
my Gospel it honestly just rules at talking about how to get better in our prayers. I think
awhile ago I shared a quote that I liked. Prayer is like sitting before a warm fire. you dont
have to be smart to sit in a fire, or anything. you just sit there and soak in the warmth. 
I felt the impression this week to stop thinking about myself already. stop thinking about
my problems and just focus on others as much as I can. Im going to try to do that in my
prayers and truly pray for those we are teaching and serve them. and for you all back home too.

there isnt any huge memory that sticks out in my mind to talk about today, just we´ve been
working with a lot of less active members here (and believe me there are a ton) and yesterday
I had to direct the hymns in the branch so as I was in front I was able to look at everyone. 
I was able to see a man we have been working with for 3 months now who hadnt come to church
in years. Hanibal. He was happily sitted there with his wife and child and it struck me to see it 
and realize that he truly was making a change in his life. He tried to escape after the 1st hour because he was embarrassed (haha) but we were able to go out to his car and persuade him to 
sit with as another two. He came. grateful for the little things right now. onto another week!

Elder Caldwell


out in the boonies. found the soccer goal that looks like the scene from Walter Mitty when he plays futbol with the natives.

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