Monday, June 27, 2016


times a tickin y tengo que trabajar duro.

I felt a lot better this week. God answers prayers! We opened our mouth a lot this
week and found refuge in some homes to teach the restored gospel.

I just looked over at what my companion Elder Kung Fu Panda was writing and it
made me happy to see that he is focused and dedicated. He was writing to his 
family quotes from Bruce R. McConkie and General Conference. I am blessed.
This week was funny. He is learning a little english and one night we were  walking
along the dusty Panamerican to somewhere and he said to me simply, "Walk is 
love. Walk is life." I just busted up laughing.

I feel the need to be frank and simple in all that I do, especially when teaching.
And writing this letter home. Im thankful for the Atonement and that it does
not simply erase our sins and burdens and weakness but helps us grow and 
master them. As my good friend Justin Moyer wrote to me "We are fighting Satan!"

I still got a ways to go but I love this place and the people. They enrich my life.
I dont have a special story I can recall right now but tonight for a Noche de Hogar
we are going to have a bonfire, its getting chilly here in Peru. We will talk about faith.

Ill send the pictures next week and more stories. I love you all.

Elder Caldwell.

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