Monday, November 3, 2014

Date: Nov 3, 2014 10:11 AM

Love you always dad, I always try to send you an email but the time
and internet doesnt allow me sometimes! I love you and love the
pictures and think of our times together alot as good times. dan looks
great at the temple how is he?  also, could you tell your kids to send
me pictures of their families so I can print them offand show them to
the members here, they love pictures and stories about family. Ilove
you and hope youre doing good, please forward this part of the message
to all the family, I dont think Ill be able to send out a mass one

Hello fellow gringos,
        What a week! Our main style of conversion this week is on Sunday
coming to people’s houses, waking them up, handing them some white
shirts and telling them to come to church. Haha we actually did that
for one family this week , and they didn’t even care. only in Peru.
        Testimony meeting and fast Sunday was a powerful one yesterday. Ive
been worried about our branch here and the strength of testimony and
conversion but it was put greatly to rest after listening to some of
the testimonies here. It strengthened my own in the fact that the
gospel touches hearts all over the world in different languages but
yet the same morals and standards are held, it’s a beautiful thing.
        On the side ive been teaching my companion and a few little kids here
English. You have no idea how many times I’ve been called gringo here
haha atleast 50 times no joke. I’ve almost fought a few people but
that’s all in a days work. Hahah kidding.
        Our main focuses right now is a woman named Norma, who is a little
timid but has a strong testimony. We’re trying to break her out of her
shell a little and be a little more open and active. And the other is
the family of manuel and Raquel,  who … didn’t come to church this
week but we’re working on it! They have a very difficult time and work
in the chacras, or fields, all day, and have little money. It’s always
a challenge here because everyone works in the chacras andare so tired
or don’t have any time for us.
        I’m super pumped about the future here though and progress is slowly
happening with everything.
        We’re going to be travelling up to an area higher up in the mountains
this week called Huamachuco for Zone conf. so next week I’ll have tons
of spiritual experiences and adventures to talk about next week.
        I love you all mucho, am learning a TON, and hope I can be better. I
pray for you all and hope some of these pictures load so I can send
em! Bye.
Elder Chase Caldwell

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