Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello! This week E’Copa and I are trying out big things for the big
year! We have this “eternal investigator” named Nilda who is super
active in the church and is really great, but only hasn’t been
baptized because she isn’t married. We teach her almost everyday
literally, and this week we decided to bite the bullet and arrange a
massive wedding. We invited her and her husband to get married on the
17th and also our gold family, Mirla and Wilder! They both said they
would talk about it and didn’t really commit, so we’re going to just
put all our effort into making that happen and exercise our faith.
We’re hoping for some Milagros here! If any of you can remember, we
would really appreciate prayers in their behalf or just for the work
in general.

Annnnd some huge news about our mission, last week at our Christmas
devotional President Marler announced that our mission is getting
divided! There’s going to be a Trujillo North and Trujillo South
mission in 6 months time. Super crazy, I don’t have any idea where Ill
be put for the last year of my mission, but I’m excited! Reddog and
kevin, if you’re reading this, the Trujillo soth mission is taking
some of lima wests mission, so theres a possible chance I could see
you boys! Also the dedication of our temple here will be a little
before that change, but we don’t know the exact date. Some mind
boggling stuff going on here!

Our zone is getting a lot of changes this week as well. All of the
other americans in my zone got changed to other areas so I’m the only
one here for a little! Haha. But after 2 days we’re getting a fresh
batch of them, and so Elder Jackson my good friend is taking off to
Chimbote! We had some good times and Ill see him back in the 480!!

Other than that, I hope new years is great, we aren’t allowed to buy
fireworks here so I’m just going to admire our Peruvian neighbors
fuegos aritficiales. One of my resolutions is to lose weight. Haha

Love you all so much!!
Elder Caldwell

ps jaime could you please forward this message to everyone,  the
internet right now is no good. muchas gracias!

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