Monday, February 9, 2015


Buenas my good friends and family!

Changes are in... and... I'm leaving this beloved area of Otuzco! This
was a great last week here in the mountains, and I wouldn't trade the
time I had here for anything! I'm headed to desert city, called land
of the eternal sun hahaha, kinda like arizona. My zone is called Casma
and I'm going to a city called Huarmey! It's like 5 hours away so I'm
in for a long trip. I'm going from one boondock to another, My zone
right now, sierra, is the farthest north and now I'm going the
farthest south, crazy times! I hear we live right next to the beach
and I'm going to room with 2 other elders along with my new companion
from Mexico, Elder Pacheco! I'm excited to get a new comp and learn
new things with him. Overall I'm super pumped about these cambios, but
I'm going to cry like a baby to say goodbye to the members here, this
area is precious to me and so are the people, they're so genuine and
have treated us so good here. Elder Copa and I planted a lot of seeds
here, and are progressing a lot of people, ill be excited to hear what
happens to them. Elder Copa is staying and I have all the confidence
in him that he will do great things and help Josefina and our other
investigators even more.

For an overview of our week real quick, the mission office needed some
documents from a far off little village 2 hours away, so we rode there
to the middle of nowhere, mountains everywhere so beautiful! farmland
dotted the mountains and we were in a town of about 80 people, called
Usquil. I went on full on tourist mode, and took a bunch of pictures,
ill send them when I have faster internet! We also visited Josefina,
and she finally accepted our date of the 28th of febuary for baptism.
I'm trying to send a picture of her! We also visited a lot of bible
nuts who worship on saturdays and were in intense lessons! if you ever
want to know how to defend sunday as the sabbath use acts 20.7. there
you go. it all ended up good and I feel satisfied leaving the area
having done all I tried.

Well other than that load of news, I dont have much else to say... I
have a talk I like to read a lot, its called Sunday Will Come by
Joseph B. Wirthlin, if you find time to read it, do it! Be good love
you all so much!

Elder Caldwell

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