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Monday, February 2, 2015 8:47 AM


Monday, February 2, 2015 8:47 AM
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Hello hello!

"We all have the need to know that things will get better... I declare that this precisely is what the gospel of Jesus Christ offers us, particularly in moments of need. There is help. There is happiness... You keep walking. You keep trying... Some blessings come fast, other come with more time, and others dont come until heaven, but for those that accept the gospel of Jesus Christ, they always come." Jeffrey R. Holland. One of my favorite quotes! 

What in the mundo this week went by crazy fast. I feel like I say that every week, but no joke. Elder Copa and I really worked hard and got some great results. We gained a whopping 8 new investigators here in our little area, something that has completely slapped us in the face, and they are all super great and we are spening a lot more time in homes and less time in the streets, the way it should be!

Our great investigator, Josefina, the one I told you all about last week is still going strong, the best Ive seen out here. Shes 70 years old and reads the book of mormon like a champ. out of 1 week shes already at 1 nephi 18. We have a baptismal date for her this 28th and she is trying very hard to be as prepared as possible! so admirable. 2 days ago we had an appointment with her and as we walked up to her house, her door was open and she was in there reading the book of mormon. one of the happiest moments I felt out here seeing her read, huge blessing to able to teach someone so receptive! 

It was an entertaining week, one of our investigators Bertha invited us to help her with some service one morning and so of course we accepted! We walked out with her to one of her farms way out there at the base of a mountain. We entered a small forest and she put us to work cutting some firewood. It was a dream! We worked for 3 hours alongside her husband, a rugged chacra man who wore a poncho and sombrero. His name was Ramon. We hope and pray that service like that can touch their hearts and that they can progress more!

Next week I found out if Im leaving the beloved area of Otuzco and if I get a new companion. Ive spent 4 months with my homeboy Elder Copa now and Im kind of ready for a change haha. Ive learned a lot from him though. 

Im gonna throw in a lot of pictures because I got good internet today! Love you all muchisimo! Jaime you dont have to forward this email I sent it to everyone! thanks!


Elder Caldwell

1. "fuerzitas" with my dog Ubaldi. He is ripped.
2.Elder price and I climbed a mountain for last pday again. we discovered perfect camping ground and a donkey.
3.after cleaning the chapel with a bunch of lovely members!

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