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"On yet another occasion we visited a home where two little girls were sent to meet us at the door by their alcoholic parents. The little girls said through the screen door that their mother and father were asleep. The bishop kept talking to them, smiling and praising their goodness and thier bravery, for what seemed to me 10 minutes or more. As I walked away at his side, he said quietly, "that was a good visit. those little girls will never forget that we came."" - henry b eyring. I love how he describes his stories... this one shows that even small acts of kindness could impact a person, and it encourages me to look for opportunities to show kindess.

we had some cool experiences this week, I had a good time. We found a new investigator who is a dream, this 60 year old short peruvian with thick glasses, who teaches guitar! His name is carlos carranza, and hes excited for his upcoming baptism, and to sit next to us in church. we really focused on inviting people to a baptismal date this week,as we had found a ton of new investigators last week, and this week. in one case we came to a house of a new investigator, and their whole family was there. We taught a whopping 12 people the restoration in that house, it was great, and we invited them all to baptism! They said, claro, which means clearly in english but that usually means probably not in peruano. so we still have a lot to work on! thats life. 

our pensionista, mama lily is a great woman who enjoys cooking french toast and macaroni and cheese. I just want to give her a giant bear hug when she makes us that kind of stuff but I am not allowed hahah. also this week, our bishop, who is japanese, speaks english, spanish, and english fluently had his whole family come over from all over the world, japan and utah ahaha, I got to talk to some of his family in english and it was very trippy to see a normal utah dad here talking straight gringo. 

Also some very good news, one of the investigator women we are focusing on, esther, came to church yesterday for all 3 hours! if she keeps it up, shell be baptized at the end of march. her boy felix is going to be baptized this3rd of march si or si! Im super stoked to see all these progress, they are all so prepared and its a big blessing. 

I love you all, all is well, and if you can, please keep my mom in your prayers as she is going to have surgery soon. spanks 


elder caldwell

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3.a family from otuzco

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