Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015 9:41 AM

 Monday, February 16, 2015 9:41 AM
Subject: hello intendencia

howdy dowdy,

this week was a killer! in a very good sense. The day before I was supposed to take a huge trip down to Huarmey, I got a call from an assistant to the President, where he told me that Pres. Marler felt differently about my change and told me that instead I was going to Trujillo! I'm in the straight heart of this giant city right now, in the smallest area in the mission called Intendencia. I love it so much already, all the members here in the ward are stellar and love to come out with us to lessons and contribute to the work of salvation. 

My new comp is a gringo! Hallelujah to keep sane, annnd amen to my spanish skills. Haha jokes jokes, We keep a rule to speak spanish in the streets. His name is Elder Lloyd from none other than great old Salt Lake City, Utah hahahaha. He's one of the hardest working missionaries I've seen and he's teaching me a ton everyday. It's a weird transition from going to mountain dwelling with a small branch to the heart of a city with a very strong ward. We tear it up everyday, I've never worked or sweated harder in my life which is a huge blessing. I'm loving life! 

Ademas, we got some great investigators. Hermana Esther and her son Felix are the best, and a huge focus for our last week. We have felix commited to be baptized this 3rd of march where without a doubt he'll be baptized, he reads the good word everyday and is super smart. Esther we're still working on, she has to leave after the first hour of church to tend to her mom but with our great ward we're trying to organized something out. I'm excited to keep working with them and a bunch of other new investigators we found this week yo.

When I first moved into the area we had the worst room in the mission, our roof was literally falling down but we moved just this week! and scored the sickest room ive seen here! an apartment with 4 rooms and its spick and span. it is good in the hood.

Something funny that happened this week was this morning, we woke up at 5 to go play soccer and as we were getting ready to go play, we heard a honk outside. I looked out the window to see a huge moving van that had plastered on it windshield "SUD" which means Santo de los Ultimos Dias, or in english LDS. We go outside and the guy driving was like, "get in the back!" we opened it up to see a bunch of peruvian dudes all ready to go play soccer. I felt like a hispanic crossing the border whenI got in hahaha. we got in an were driven to a soccer field and played with our zone and a bunch of these peruvian dudes. It was great.

Welllll I love you all and ill talk to you next week! peaceee. 

love, elder caldwell.

some pictures!

1.elder lloyd and I in our new apartment.
all the others, left over pictures of otuzco

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