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So this week was a whirl. my heart was full as we wrapped it up. so many miracles happened, we were able to have our baptism with not only Felix, our golden boy, but his mom, Esther. We had given her a powerful lesson at the start of the week, where she told us that she wanted to wait until the next month. I just started crying in that lesson after we showed her a mormon message and that life is so hard, but all the blessings she would recieve if she didnt delay her baptism. The spirit had to be working in her a lot, as we were a day before the baptism, Friday when she gave us a ring a ding. I said, "hey look esther is calling! wonder what its about!" my comp was like "shes probably going to be like, I want to get baptized." I picked up and he was so dead right. she said, "Elder Caldwell! so Im thinking about getting baptized tomorrow!"

I was so excited that I started jumping up and down and I accidently hung up the phone, haha. After that experience I knew for a fact that miracles can happen. I was able to baptize her the next day, saturday and participate in her confirmation as a member on sunday. its been a couple very spiritual days. Im so grateful for that little family, for being so prepared and willing to do the will of the Lord. They are going to be amazing converts. Got some great pictures with them for all of you to see!

Umm, lets see. well, we keep working with a bunch of people, just working working haha. Peru is a funny place with funny people. Yesteday our stake pres. came up to us and said hey I know this kid you guys need to baptized next week, can you teach him all the lessons this week? things just kind of all into your lap as a missionary, its a wonderful thing and we are always busy. 

This change just ended, so changes came through for a lot of our Zone Palermo, but Elder Lloyd and I are still together kicking trash, so Im excited to spend another 6 weeks with him. Im learning a bunch. 

I love you all, enjoy the pictures and the week. I promise trujillo is hotter than mesa haha.

Elder Caldwell.

pics: all pictures of the baptism, and one of the "souls rescued" (inactive person who we reactivated). his name is Yiro and the biggest 15 year old peruvian ive ever seen. Hes a joy.

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