Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015 11:03 AM

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erro mis amigos

we had a good week ova here in good old trujillo. we were able to baptize a very tranquil, intelligent young man of 10 years of age named Yasser! we had to teach him all the lessons this week, because he wanted so badly to get baptized this last saturday! he has great desires. his mom has been a member but he had never made his own decision to be baptized, but all of a sudden he made the decision, it was a privilege to be part of that! all he could say after he got baptized was, "I feel happy... I feel happy." yo siento feliz. yo tambien siento feliz a escuchar palabras como asi. 

other than that little slice of nice news, we just walked a lot, appointments fell through which was a slight bummer but it happens, no day goes totally perfect. we're trying to make more progress with some investigators but they just plum dont come to church but I still love them. haha, its been very laid back. I wish I could provide something else with you all to read or something, but my brain is as dry as this climate here right now. 

I love you all too much, hope this week is stellar, Im super excited to watch that general conference though. I cant believe the time that has gone by, im still reading the conference talks from last time!! 

bueno, here are some pics as well. some of the baptism, one with elder Pacheco! He was almost my companion when I almost got sent to an area called Huarmey, but President Marler changed me the day before. hes in our zone now! and also a nice picture of a roof dog chilling.


elder caldwell

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