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Monday, March 2, 2015 9:45 AM

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Subject: la cabeza y el corazon

howdy howdy!

super good semana this one, we learned and experienced much. We were expecting to have a baptism tomorrow, but it fell through as our dude, felix told us he wasnt 100 percent in the book of mormon yet. I respected that and we've been praying a lot for him to recieve a firm answer. He's a great kid and no doubt will make some covenants with our father in heaven in the future! no worries on that. We've been experimenting a lot recently with talking to more people in the streets. im super timid in these kinda situations but being constantly thrown into uncomfortable settings ive been learning a lot and how to start talking and teaching the gospel to these people, and through this ive been gaining a lot of love and respect to meet and get acquainted with these people and share a little of my testimony. 

we had stake conference this week, with a great guest, Elder Carlos A. Godoy of the seventy, he talked in portuguese last general conference and was just pouring out great revelation on all of us, we recieved a lot of council and help about what we can do for our investigators, and the members. Something I liked that he said was that we always must remember our potential, as sons and daughters of God, to become like him one day, and that he has individually prepared the way for us to get there, all we need to do is stay strong. I love that. Also our awesome bishop, Bishop Valdivia was called as stake pres. so we are out of a bishop for a sec! haha. 

I'm loving everything going on now, just to soak up this time with these rich, great people, who have left such a big imprint on my heart. there really is nothing else like serving people, you learn so much how to help others and to help yourself. always look for one good thing we can do a day, just like those cub scouts out there . bueno, I love you all and espero que sus semanas puede ser lo mejor. gracias por todo.

Elder Caldwell

1.our ward mission leader, whos name literally is Joseph Smith Silva.
2. investigator, carlos carranza!
3. jamming out on my pan flute after a planning sesh

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