Friday, June 5, 2015


que tal mis amigos. 

I miss you guys, hope all is well in the big blue sky state of AZ, and other parts of the world. this week we finished up the open house of the beautiful temple here, and the miracles keep flowing. we are recieving stacks of references to go contact from it, and the people we took and the people who went on their own are just ahead of the game. they all know what the feeling of the spirit is now, a huge advantage. love the spirit.

a blessing my companion got, was this week he was kissed on the cheek by an 80 year old woman named beatrice who we contacted on a busy street. hahaha sorry elder lloyd. 

we were able to have an investigator we've been helping out, Ruth, have her baptismal interview. She passed! and will be baptized this saturday, fingers crossed. We have a good long week to help her prepare. she's 13 and apart of a recently reactivated family, shes adopted. she's had a hard life, and still continues to have hard times adjusting to everything new that's going on in her life. being more determined to follow Christ through baptism is going to help her out big time, especially as she has some good strong parents and grows in the gospel. the gospel straightens out all the kinks.

our ward here is pretty great. We all headed to the temple as a ward, and some brought their friends who aren't members. the temple was pacccckkked, over all 80 thousand people came, which is a bunch! didnt dream of that number. thats 80 thousand people exposed to the spirit of the Lord. woof.

Well, we are winding down here with the transfer. big changes are going to happen I feel, so we'll see what happens. for now we're just going to bear down and do out best and finish strong. the dedication and the mission split is coming up! 

Also I'm sad about Elder Perry. but I bet he's pretty happy in heaven. so its all good

keep the week good, and keep God in your life!


Elder Caldwell

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