Monday, June 15, 2015


Welllp, looks like I'm sticking to the south here for the winter. Mission Peru Trujillo South! Transfers came and went, and nothing really happened. I'm still with my companion Elder Lloyd, and by the end of this transfer we'll have been companions for 6 months! And then he'll end his mission there. How crazy time flies.

This week was just chalked full of some happy times we had here in our area. The temple still proves to be doing miracles for us. We discovered a really inactive lady, named Yolanda who was baptized about 10 years ago and decided to go to the temple a few weeks back. We found her in house, and her entire family! We talked to her about her desires, and she firmly declared to us that, "I feel it is time to come back to the church." Me and my companion left her house jumping for joy, so pumped for her righteous decision. And she kept her promise, she came to church yesterday with her entire family. Her daughters are talking to her about baptism now, so we are going to have some full chamba to do this last transfer here with Elder Lloyd. We are stoked. To see that miracle unwrap, when we really needed it the most, built my testimony that the Lord truly is preparing people for us, always, even in the smallest areas. 

Rafael is always progressing, and we are focused on the 4th of July to be his baptism. True American. Freedom!!!! Spiritual freedom that is. He told us a little about his life of crime that he lived before he went to prison, which was quite the shocker to us. I'm not gonna say much about that, just to not scare my mom, but his gang name used to be, "the horse." He is so sick and so prepared! 

Things are off the charts down here, so many elders are going home after their 2 years, the mission is splitting, new mission president. I'm going to miss all these friends I've made but I'm also really excited to keep going on. Just trying to take it all in before my time is done too! pucha. 

I love you all, thanks for all your encouragement and letters. they are the best. 


Elder Caldwell

pics: me with my zone leader who's leaving the mish, elder winterton.

we held a cute little baptism for an 8 year this week too, she was super excited to have my comp baptize her. Her name is Genesis.

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