Monday, June 8, 2015


"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust.

This week we held Ruth's Baptism! It was beautiful. We worked hard to have her prepared and it was gratifying to watch as her adopted father, Segundo baptize her. haha, she had to be baptized 5 times over, the water was a little low, but she didn't seem to care as she was just beaming and crying as everyone rushed over to hug and congratulate her after she changed her clothes. She has amazing support in the home and the ward. It was amazing to see the response of the ward, as some of the members spoke at her baptism, about how much baptism has changed their lives. That is exactly what she needed to hear, because that was one of the first things she told us when she was first meeting with us, "I just want to change how I live, and forget the past." 

This past week I had the privelige to see many spiritual giants as well. I went on a work change with Elder Going here in my district (found out he is related to Sid Going, a rugby legend), as we were walking and teaching around in his area, we decided to go visit a member to ask for a reference. We climbed up to a second story and entered kind of a poor scence, with the floors dirty and many animals in the room. But as I looked on I saw something that lit up the room. A middle aged woman was sitting at a desk, reading and marking the book of mormon. We talked with her, and she told us of how she had just sent one of her sons on a mission a month ago. She cried to us as she recounted to us the many blessings she has recieved from his service, and how grateful she was for the gospel. Just listening to her strengthened our testimonies.

We also worked with the man we are focusing a lot on, Rafael. He is the best, and also a spiritual giant in my eyes. We walked back on a dirt roady to his sort of shabby hut, to see another scene that made me happy. Him reading the book of mormon while he lied on his bed. Sometimes people in the poorer circumstances, spiritually and or physically are so much closer to God.

I love you all, gotta head now but hope the week is a good one. 


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