Monday, June 22, 2015


"Normal life is temple life." - Dieter F. Uchtdorf at the temple dedication.

Yesterday, we had the time of our lives. some elders waited for this their whole mission, I waited almost a year. but wow, how great it was. We were able to participate in the temple dedication and watch as President Uchtdorf came down to Trujillo along with David A. Bednar and other authorities here. The spirit poured out on us in our stake building with other faithful members, along some of our converts and people recently reactivated. Now the real work starts, getting people to go to the temple itself and do the work for their dead. Woo!

For that reason, the week went super quickity quick. We also got the privilege to have with us 2 elder's who are going to end their missiontomorrow, stay with us the whole week and proselyte with us. They used to be our zone leaders, Elder Zacarias and Elder Winterton, and boy it was a learning experience to be with them. It was also really funny too. Our house is a mess now. 

One experience I'd like to share from this week occurred in the middle of the week as I was our proselyting with Elder Winterton. We were out in the morning, the sun beating down on us and we were trying to find just someone to teach! like always. Everything fell through and we were without a plan basically. Right as we got rejected at a door, I looked down the empty street to see a member of the ward on his bike pedal to us. He is a super quiet guy, we never have talked to him much, but he stopped by us to see how it was going. We told him what was going on, and he mentioned a reference he had for us, in fact in his house. This angelic man took us to his house and we met the caretaker of his 2 old parents, Rosemeri. She's from a small village in the mountains, close to where I last served in Otuzco, and has had little education. We are now having a marvellous time teaching this small, honest woman principle by principle the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have to explain everything as if it were to a child, but there is a sort of beauty teaching like that, and learning like that. That was a great tender mercy we witnessed in a difficult week.

We keep chugging along here, doing what we can do. I pray for you all, and hope this week is especially good. We are super blessed as a church and as a people to have such wonderful leaders and prophets who guide us in a hard world. They have what we need to survive. 


Elder Caldwell.

(sorry no pictures my computer is a little lame today)

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