Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola dear loved ones,

The division is done! I'm officially in a new mission, the south. Elder Lloyd, my comp, got a shocking call last week. His mission is ending 2 weeks earlier, due to the mission split and travel changes. Next week I'll be saying who my new companion is! How crazy. I'm excited and nervous for change, but I'll miss Elder Lloyd for sure. He has a great passion to be a missionary. But off he goes to see his family again.

Speaking of families - our week is all focused on them! And we can see the gospel touching their lives. In our area we've never seen such success on finding families and having them as our main investigators. The Lord is woking behind the scenes 24/7. As such, we have a lot of baptisms coming at the end of the month. I'll tell a little about these wonderful brady bunches. Rafael and his two boys - our ex-convict investigator! He's come to church 4 times now and is ready for the change in his life with baptism. Yolanda Chavez, her mom, and her 2 daughters. She is the inactive mom we found through the temple - who is now completely active in the church and is reading the Book of Mormon daily. We also bought some books of Mormon in like drawn out pictures and stories easy to understand for her kids, for her daughters. They are a prized possesion to them. And also our new family, Giovanni and Harumy. the couple that randomly got interested in listening to us. they are very sincere. we're going to try to get them married before anything.

I wish I could take more time and write all of my feelings and details of the week, but this will have to do! I'm feeling the joy of the work and of the families.

With the passing of President Packer and Elder Perry, I noticed something - they both bore fervent final testimonies about the family and the importance and happiness entailed within. "Family is the center of life and is the key to eternal happiness." - Elder L. Tom Perry.

I love my fam bam, and though we aren't perfect in no way, and no family really is, through living the basic principles of the gospel, all will be made right.

Love you guys! hasta el proximo.

Elder Caldwell.

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