Tuesday, September 22, 2015


wow what a heavenly day. another day in the temple, what a relief from the work we have been doing. its such a lift take awayer that temple.

as I sat in the temple today contemplating what I was learning, I learned that everything in the temple, has to do with change. (when those who are not endowed are endowed, you will understand better) and our lives are just full of change 24.7. speaking of change, wow so much happened this week it has been one of the craziest and busiest weeks of my short life.

we first recieved our president of the mission, pres. rios and his assistants and we recieved a training that we desperately needed out here in the mountains. we feel better equiped now to tackle these areas we have. we then had stake conference which blew everyone out of the water, then I got robbed (not by gunpoint, sadly.), then we went to the temple. boy! president told me in an interview, that a big change will be happening though.

I'm going to be closing the area of Yungay.

its filled me with a lot of sadness, Ive only been here but a short time and now I have to leave this place in 2 weeks. but it is also a great change for the members, as they are going to have a family group to have their meetings in Yungay itself, not an inconvenient 30 minutes away. its going to crush some members here who we have helped and shared a lot of time with, but thats how it is. change is progression. I learned that when we sin too, or make a mistake, that is to make us progress not get stuck in a rut. 

more than ever in my mission this is the time where I need to forget myself and go to work. I have a chamba to do before we close this area. it is a little daunting to think that are time here is numbered, like what is the point but that is not our objective. we are to do all we can. I pray me and my companion can do that. 

theres not much more to say this week. I bought a new hardcover of the book of mormon in spanish to read today and I cant wait to restart the book of mormon and participate in that spirit. 

Im enchanted by the people here. Ive never seen a people have a more harder life, more weird life to me, they are like aliens but it has enriched my life bastante. It is a journey everyday to be able to embark into their farms, speak quechua to them, have them laugh at me for a second and then bear my testimony to them about the book of mormon out there in the bloody middle of nowhere. we hear cows moo everymorning as we wake up. i will miss it.

but I love you all, this week should be a good one, pray like crazy.


elder caldwell

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