Monday, September 14, 2015


friendskis and famski,

sad and happy to say that the intensity of my prayers have increased while ive been in this area. sad that they werent like they should of been, and happy that I have been able to truly express myself in prayers now, and see the results and answers.

so much stuff happened this week, ah. my head is spinning. time is just slipping through my fingers like sand. 

this week I took a little trip to the pueblo of Carhuaz, to have a work visit with an elder who is feeling a little more than discouraged about his area right now. My purpose was to help encourage him a little and work out some kinks. Midday working with him, we still hadnt found anyone to teach. I was trying everything I knew to find someone and help out this elder. That whole day we only found 2 people who would let us in, and at the end I was feeling a little discouraged myself. the scripture came to mind from somewhere in Moroni, "have miracles ceased?". I shared that with him, and told him that miracles can still happen here, keep working and doing everything you can. a day later I recieved the call that a couple they had been teaching for some time decided to get married and baptized this month, in 2 weeks. I know prayers are answered, miracles pass, and I pray that that elder can keep chugging along.

when I first got here to Yungay, I would try to say hello to everyone walking by, and haha no one would ever respond. but as I prayed and my companion prayed to have the peoples hearts softened, people have started saying hi back. and not only that, but they have let us into their homes. We have found a wonderful new family of four, just sitting on the street. We felt the impression to go talk to them, and wow I was blown away by their humbleness. they immediately accepted us, and they are now reading and praying as a family. the father of the home, Gilbert, we invited to kneel and pray with us on their dirt floor and he was near tears. they came to church yesterday, just after one lesson with them. that never happens!!! im sending a picture I took with them. they are beautiful and so prepared by the Lord!

what a great week! next week we are going to the temple again so I wont write until tuesday, but i am trying to embrace myself for another spiritual experience haha. thanks for everything, love you all too much! miss you!


Elder Caldwell.

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