Sunday, November 15, 2015



Emails are hard to write because sometimes I feel I don’t have much to share, but when I think and sit for a while the experiences start coming and I see how blessed I have been. So for maybe the 200th time Ive said, its been a good week this one.

It wasn’t all dandelions and warm fuzzies though. For about my whole mission now, one of my ears has just been really agitated and it itched all the time. I woke up one day this week and the pain had progressed quite a bit. Luckily my companion is a registered nurse (what luck) and he whipped out all the bells and whistles to see what was going on. After giving the inside of my ear a good look he found something really weird. There was a SPLINTER in my ear. We were super confused as to why and how a large splinter was in my ear haha. I figure that in my first area, we had a lot of investigators who were carpenters and they always did some work near us. I think a little chip of wood just might’ve flew and lodged itself into my ear. Haha, really weird. So he got it out and then it got infected but ill spare you anymore of that talk.

On to the real experiences of the week. In my new position I have the great opportunity to be surrounded by the great leaders of the mission. A few days ago we had Leadership Council with all the zone leaders of the mission and listened to some really inspired stuff. It was one of the more spiritual meetings Ive had here, so good man. I also got to partake in the training and get up in front of everyone and share a few experiences and what Ive learned is most important in finding chosen people of the Lord. I shared the experience of my good friend, Esther and how she was truly prepared because she had prayed asking God to guide her to a good church for her and her son before we had received the referral to her from a recent convert. God and Jesus are good, and they are in the smallest details of our life.

We then went to a beach called Salaverry and hung out with all the Zone Leaders. We played soccer on the beach (walter mitty type of vibes here), then watched the waves come in. It was so refreshing and fun to be back on the beach after a year of being in the mountains and in the downtown. Some good pictures were taken, but more importantly great memories were created with people whom I will miss. I know why God has created family and friends, so we can have memories with them. If we were alone all the time, who would we share that stuff with. That’s why He tells us to go out into the world and share the gospel. I love that, man. I miss you guys and cant wait to have a lot of memories to come. But Im also glad to be with my peruanos and share beautiful spiritual moments with them. It’s a great time.

November is my favorite month.

My companion walks really fast.


Elder Caldwell

Some pictures of the adventures this week.

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