Saturday, November 28, 2015



I did done love this week. We spent most of the days with one of the Seventy of the Church, Élder Juan A Uceda. That man came with fire. He singed our eyebrows! I wish I could adequately describe to you all how full of the Spirit and with life that guy was. He taught us so much, and it was a great Thanksgiving, to be able to learn so much, and be thankful for it. 

He taught and showed us exactly, exactly what I needed and longed to hear for the longest time. We travelled to all the mission, him teaching us all for long periods of time, the longest to be like 5 hours in total. He just unloaded, on what to focus on, being more converted, converting the people, showing us what truly is important in mission work. Inviting people to Christ. That means we also have to come unto Christ, every single day. At random times during his periods of teaching, he would pause and just you could see the energy in him. He would then say in a higher-raised voice, but not to the point of yelling, (kinda like Jeffrey R. Holland) "You are TRUE SERVANTS OF GOD! YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED BY REVELATION!!" It wasn´t as preachy as it sounds, it was just a great motivator. 

He pointed out at the beginning, before he started teaching, to pay more attention to what we were feeling, rather than to what we were hearing. He said, whatever you write down from this, I hope it is more of stuff you have felt and prompted to put, rather than exactly what I said. I put it to practice. Even though he taught us great things, like not being superficial in studying the scriptures and just really escudriñarlos, I felt a different thing the spirit kept prompting me. It was to profundizar mis oraciones más. To make more profound my prayers. To, instead of just sitting there, and having a one-way phone call with God, to sit there and kind of meditate, ponder, feel the motions of the Spirit and see what God would have me do that day, and who to serve. Im doing that every time I pray now, and it is ... really special and extraordinary, to kind of sit there, after asking a question in your prayer and kind of reach out spiritually for a confirmation or for some sort of feeling. You know truly that the "heavens have opened" just like what happened when Jesus prayed with his disciples.

Well, thats what happened these 7 days. Just a bunch of learning, improving. We also went to a botanical garden today in Trujillo and got kicked out because we put our hammocks up. 😀

haha sweet. love you guys. I share this email with you today with the hopes that you can also learn much this week, right along with me. I know the opportunity to get closer to God and feel His love is not just available to me because Im on a mission. Its open to all of us.  


Elder Caldwell.


in our travels we found the mystical poop corn cart. 

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