Saturday, November 7, 2015


Habla familia!

Im happy! I dont want to go home! (sorry mom)

As I was wrapped up my personal studies on Wednesday, I stood up looking out the window just thinking about life. I watched for awhile outside and viewed as a man rode up on his bike that had a lot of collected bottles and trash. He started looking through our trashbags that was lying out in the street waiting for the garbageman. I watched as he looked through our filthy trash, trying to find some bottles or something of worth. At first, my first impulse was to judge him and maybe make some assumptions on how he had lived his life and that was the reason that he was picking through trash now. I then realized how hypocritical I was to judge someone, wearing my nametag that says the Saviors name on it, and after I had just studied the scriptures about how to be more charitable. After contemplating that fact and watching him a little more, with more compassion now filling my heart, I felt the small impression to serve him. Moved, I sat down and looked around, and prayed in my heart to know how to better serve this humble man. We had a stack of Book of Mormons laying around. I grabbed one, put it a plastic bag so it wouldn’t get dirty. I went to the window and said, “hey amigo! Tengo algo para usted.” I dropped down the copy to him and he caught it with grateful arms. He gave me a smile. He probably would’ve liked some money or maybe some extra bottles to put onto his bike instead, but I really hope that act I did helps him somehow, and that he can read that book.

That morning I had done something we exhort every person to do, which is to read, ponder, and pray. Those small acts prepared me to give that man a Book of Mormon. I hope we can all do that.

Haha, I hope this letter doesn’t sound preachy or like Im trying to show off my act of service, but I always like to share a small experience that highlighted my week. I really love you guys! Its been a good week and there is always something to learn, for all of us everyday.

Also, a funny experience happened one day when we were waiting at a crowded bus terminal to pick up some missionaries and take them to the hospital. As we waited in the baking sun of the coast of Peru, a random guy came up to me covered in tats and with a Mohawk. “Yo wass good dawg?? Whatcha guys doing here?” He looked like a normal Peruvian haha til he started speaking straight up hoodrat English with me. He was so confused as to why two gringos who had it good in the States would come down to Peru. He was a native Peruvian but immigrated to Florida and was now apparently a gangster. We told him we came down to spread the good word. He still couldn’t believe it, and asked us how much they were paying us. “Nothing!!” He was so shocked. I love being a missionary!


Elder Caldwell


thanks for the tie aunt sadie and uncle jeff! best one. sailboats

i finished my journal after starting 2 years ago. this thing is a bible

my breakfast every morning. pan y juevo. con nutella

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