Saturday, January 9, 2016


hey there,

hi. we were very blessed to be able to go to the temple today. I hadnt been in like 4 months so it was algo much needed. My testimony has been built so much by the temple here. It is our place of refuge for the world, where you can feel the same spirit as you felt back in Mesa, Az, even all the way in Trujillo, Peru. I love how universal it is, and how grand God is. I remember when I got assigned to speak about temples for my farewell talk and inwardly I thought, "ah, I didnt really want to talk about this..." But I realize now, what God had in store for me here in the mission with the dedication, being able to take investigators to the open house, just "marinating" we could say in the spirit. I hope you all can go to the temple more, even if you cant enter just yet, go. You will feel a penetrating peace engulf you. I can only say that because I have felt it numerous times now. There is a special hope that you can feel there that lets you know good things lie in wait in the future. It was awesome to go with our other secretary friends, Elder Ramos and Elder Maldonado. They have only been able to do sessions in the temple just to count on one hand so they were so giddy as they entered. 

pile of good news for you: We were able to go out a few nights and share our testimonies with the gente de PerĂº. We met a less active man who had begun to believe there was no God, and it was an interesting lesson. Sometimes we as religious people have the impulse to just shove doctrine and facts and scripture down disbelieving peoples throats but I always try to take the approach by getting to know them, getting to know how they get to that point, and just sharing simple testimony. At the end of it all, your testimony that you have obtained through trial is the only thing that matter to people, not the knowledge of the scriptures. 

But I guess that isnt the good news. I think I said last week, but Ill say it again this week: Cynthia, the single mother who came into the office Christmas day is getting baptized next week, and she is so happy. Also our favorite chacra man, Francisco has committed to the date of the 30th this january to be baptized as well. That would be kinda like a late birthday present for me. All I want to see is him truly be converted to this gospel. If you can, please play for Francisco that he might be able to meet up with us more to keep being taught because he travels much to go farm. 

We are working hard here and I hope to truly "forget myself" for this last stretch. There is nothing more I would rather have. Thanks for all the letters and love, you guys are my rock. Have a good week.

Elder Caldwell. 

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the other ones are with elder uceda when he come. this is the whole office

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