Friday, January 29, 2016


Friends, family,

Hey. So I got a new companion this week which I am very excited about. His name is Elder Alcázar and he is from Tijuana, Mexico! Baja California baby! My first mexican companion. I love it, I love being with someone so close to home (even though my last comp is from Arizona, haha). He is really quiet, but humble, and just kind of stares at me a lot (I´m pretty strange). He has taught me all the mexican slang and that makes me super excited to talk to all the mexican cooks at Waldo´s when I get back, haha. He has about a year in his mission so I´ve got a little bit more time than him and it will be fun to learn with him and to be his friend.

This week was great, I was able to teach a lot. I have come to really revere the bible videos the Church has come out with on We have the CD here in our apartment and I just love to watch Jesus teach. So pure, simple, powerful. Even though they´re actors, there is still a special spirit about it. President Packer taught once: "It is not untoward for us to aspire to teach like Him. It is not untoward for us to aspire to be like Him."

Francisco was unfortunately in Huamachuco all week so we didn´t get a chance to help him progress much for his date on the 30th, but I´ve been trying to be avid on calling him everynight making sure how he is doing. But while my old companion has been training Elder Alcázar on how to be a Secretary I´ve been able to go on work visits with my other Secretary friends, Elder Maldonando and Elder Ramos. We have been going out every night finding and teaching people. It is beautiful. A man we visited twice this week was a guy named Robinson. He is hilarious, has the most contagious laugh and I think he might have ADHD because he is all over the place. One minute picking up his guitar, one minute talking about how he just broke up with his girlfriend and how hard that was, to talking about the Book of Mormon. We are just really trying to help him read the Book of Mormon, and it has been a trial for me to learn how to teach better and get to the level where I can give the commitment to him to read everyday, and help him truly have the desire to do it. It´s hard work.

We also had the awesome pleasure of having the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast on the 20th. Some great general authorities gave training and spoke on the importance of "teaching repentance, and baptizing converts". I´ve been reflectioning a lot on that little line and how it captures what we need to be trying to do every day. Teaching, proclaiming the joys of repentance so the people can be truly converted and prepared for their baptism in the future. Elder Bednar especially gave a training that really struck me. 

Well I´m out here still growing and enjoying it. Love you all. Please have a good week por mi!

Elder Caldwell.


As I said last week, Cynthia got baptized. It was one of the most flawless, spiritual baptisms I have attended. She is great. 

An american family from Arizona had lived in Peru for 3 years in the ward we are in right now. Theyre leaving today to go live back in Arizona! We are going to miss them.

A picture of some of the receipts I have to deal with. It doesnt look like a very big pile from this perspective, but you have no idea.

And the night with us and Robinson. 

(sorry no picture of my new comp just yet)

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