Monday, February 1, 2016



On the day after my birthday I would like to give all of you a gift; lots of pictures.

It´s been great! Thanks for all the pictures and letters everyone, love you lots! I´m feeling real old right now. But at the same time young because I still look like I´m 16. Haha. 

It´s also been a weird week. Hence wanderers in a strange land. Transfers are coming this week, and that means a lot of goodbies and more hello´s. Moving into the future. Everytime I see a new group of missionaries come in I think, "Hello little ones. you are the future!" 

I have come to love Perú a little more this week, and my mission President. I´m learning a little more to put more trust in the Lord. We have all issues, but we press on despite them. 

The mission president and his wife were really nice to buy me a cake and celebrate with the whole office, and it rained the whole day. What topped it all off was a visit to our friend Francisco. He is progressing! He wasn´t baptized this week, but I know it was for a purpose because Heavenly Father still needs to work on him. Just like He is constantly working on all us.

Moving on with some news; My companion is still training my new companion, Elder Alcázar so I have been out proselyting a lot with the other guys of the office, mainly the Assistants to the President. We had some awesome lessons and spent them with precious people. A woman we have been trying to help out for awhile now, Victoria, is an older woman with her family now grown, who has been inactive for 20 years. We are trying to rekindle her faith. She ended up telling us a lot of her story, and why she had lost her faith; because she stopped doing one thing, reading the book of mormon. She never knew it was true, and I find that has been and will be the fate of many members, inside and out of Perú. We claim to say the book is the keystone of our religion, and is the best translated scripture we have, but we just stop reading it. We bore our testimony to her, all 3 of us and it was powerful. She prayed at the end and poured her soul out to God. The spirit was thick that night. She came out with tears and she told us she would read every day. That was an amazing experience for me. 

Also, Francisco finally got back last night. We made an appointment with him and met him in the chapel. He is a lot tanner from working in the fields and has forgotten a little bit. But we are still loving him and hoping he comes around, being converted to the Lord. He commited to us that he would guard the dia de reposo. 

Well, I hope this email can mean stuff for you guys. I feel very grateful and undeserving of all of you, undeserving of all my blessings. Love ya!

"When we keep the commandments, our lives will be happier, more fulfilling, and less complicated." - Thomas S.

I love walking on the dirt roads, seeing trashfires and roofdogs.

Elder Caldwell

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