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Friends, fam,

sorry for last week and the no email vibe. we got a call from Salt lake saying that something malfunctioned in the system. so this week, Ill send you what I wrote last week to you all and a little of what I´ve felt this week. here:

email #1:

There were many activities planned this week. We were surprised at how much we had to do
but I was grateful for the haul to keep me busy and my thoughts focused. We said goodbye
to the old ones and welcomed the new ones. I really loved this new group that came in,
all of them just really prepared to be on the mission, leaving us all really impressed and
excited for the future. 

Sadly because of all the excitement and trabajo we weren´t able to see much of our queridos,
but we tried and they are still faithful, especially Francisco. I might not be here when he gets
baptized in the future, but I have more faith that he will be more converted with time and he
can fully accept Christ and His path. 

After all the excitment ended, we had Leadership Council. I really really enjoyed this one,
more than others. It touched on so many parts I´ve needed to hear, and it was just done
so simply, like the teachings of Aaron or Ammon or our Savior. I learned a lot more about
repentance, clarifying it a lot to me. Being one, that we need to help our friends recognize
their sin, then help them to forsake it and be clean. Obviously we can´t force them to leave
their sins, that is up to their agency and that is what makes this Gospel beautiful, everyone
can choose. And those who do choose the right do have happy lives, but also that trials don´t
end. We are always evolving.

I´ve also been blessed to have great friends and example in the mission. We are recieving
so many news into the mission, and all of us old ones are kind of dying off. Seeing some
of the great heroes of my early days as a missionary go home is hard. But boy do they leave
legacies, following the footsteps of our Savior. Especially one Elder from Argentina who I admire,
who has been in some pretty hard areas in his mission but has looked at them so positively
that it is hard to be negative around him. In many ways he has been the Nephi amidst Laman
and Lemuel but has carried on. 

Well, those are some of my thoughts for this week. They are ticking by. We enjoyed this pday
a trip to the Huaca de la Luna. It´s an ancient temple from the Moche people before the time
of Christ. Some wild architecture and backstory. yeah.

Love you all.

Elder Caldwell

what I´ve done this week:

hi. This week was one where I could feel like I really worked hard and was satisfied. it is one of the best feelings, working hard. We travelled to that pueblo I talk about sometimes, called Chimbote. It stinks of fish, but we have some good missionaries there trying everyday. I admire that. We had a multi-zone and so we went down to help set-up and also sit down and listen to the counsel provided. Im really excited with the direction the mission is going and the teachings that flow from the Prophets and Apostles more. 

This week I learned some about my pride. Our dear great friend Francisco, after much teaching, is finally able to get baptized. He passed his baptismal interview, and I was happy as day. Sadly, I hadn´t planned as well as I should have with the ward council the week before on how we were going to do his baptism. I called the bishop of the ward after the successful interview and told him we were going to have his baptism today. He said no one would be able to go, because they had all planned to have another activity the week before. I was a little defeated, and after I talked to the bishop on how Francisco needs a lot more fellowship established in his life before he takes this step as well, I was able to swallow a little of my pride and say, alright. We will have the baptism next week. Thats where I realized (again), that why we work isnt for the number, its for the salvation of that soul. In all ways, Francisco and us are excited have his baptism next week with more fellowship, more communication, and overall a better spirit. Lessons are being learned.

I have especially been learning from talk of some of our older apostles, like James E. Faust and Bruce R. McConkie. they are spiritual giants. take a look at some of their talks. I love all the examples we have in this gospel, and the many more who aren´t so well noticed, but keep going every day choosing the right.

Love you all.

Elder Caldwell


one of francisco.

I gave one of my old suits to my friend, Elder Ramos today. he found his bling and he looked real hip. 

adventures in chimbote with the elders there.

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