Wednesday, March 9, 2016


¿que pasan por sus venas?

we are really excited for the baptism of francisco tonight. it´ll be in a short two hours, so unfortunately i wont be able to send you pictures today. we were really grateful we took the advice of our leaders and decided to wait a week for his baptism. we loaded this week with visiting him with more ward members to get more acquainted with him. he is also going to be recieving the priesthood tomorrow, after his confirmation. he is such a good guy.

truly work works. my whole time ive been in the office we have been teaching francisco. i feel like ive written you guys 100s of times about him and his progress. there were times I was really discouraged about how it was going. but when we put in what work we can, we leave the rest to the lord and He knows how to do the miracle part. we owe it all to Him. I was especially humbled last sunday as he sat next to us and while we were singing a hymn, pulled out his tithing slip half filled out, but with all his money there. he humbly said, "I did the best I could. could you help me fill out the rest? I didnt understand..." and, "I´m ready to pay my tithing this week." he was able to give it personally to the bishop and I felt real joy seeing that. 

the work of the Lord is good. we see the fruits everyday. im emocionado por ser un obrero en Su viña. quiero hacer mis mejores esfuerzos. small and simple things everday. 

I have nothing more to report for the week. just that i played ping pong for the first time in half a year for pday. I got still got the swing, thanks to years of training in the Cox household. its also getting blazing hot here in trujillo. REALLY HOT.

ps. this week im going to huaraz for zone meeting so i dont think i will be writing this saturday, but rather on monday. see you then! love you all.

elder caldwell.


ping pong tournament. champion.

one of the payasos in the office tried putting an egg in the microwave. blew up plate. it looked radioactive. but nea

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