Saturday, March 12, 2016


Hello my electronic friends I haveñ´t seen in 19 months,
how are you? this week has been ok. I learned this week that my replacement for the office (my financial son) is coming next week, so I will be happy to announce who he is next week, and Ill be training him for 2 weeks until I head out into the field again. Im really excited for the change, and nervous. But I know the new responsibility will help me grow.
This week I´ve been ironing out some wrinkles in myself and trying to help others do the same through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead of trying to think and constantly fix on what I can´t do good, i´ve been trying to think about what I can do as a missionary and imperfect son of God. I think as humans we think way too much about things we dont have much control over. But if we just think about what we can do, and magnify that, like reading the scriptures, or praying, or going to church, we can find true joy in this life taking it one step at a time. this is another philosophical moment of chase caldwell. thanks for tuning in.
but more seriously, elder alcazar and I have enjoyed going to see a special family in the post-apocalyptic waste land called Santa Rosa, Perú. I think I mentioned someone called Lita in the past. Well, this week she finaly introduced us to the half of her family that were in the house. there was a crazy mountain man dad, her sick brother, her sister, and her sisters boyfriend. we taught them how Christs Church is and how to find out if it is true, by praying and feeling. I feel like to some people we teach, this is the hardest step (though it should be the easiest) because they are always asking which church is true out of all of them. so we got down on our knees with the family as Lita prayed and gave a great prayer. Now all we can do is the same thing on our knees for them and encourage them more to do the same to find out about the gospel.
this was a busy week and I sadly didnt take much pictures, but here is one of the other office elders took of me and my friend elder Jackson from mesa Arizona. He was there when I came into the mission in Otuzco and he´s still here as a great friend. Love this guy!! 

and love you guys!
Elder Caldwell

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