Wednesday, March 9, 2016



hello. the baptism of francisco happened, and it was very nice. he lives alone, but some of his kids (out of his 8) were able to leave their homes and come. he is the definition of calm, and he took everything very calmly. he took the water with his ice cold huamachuce├▒o veins and our friend, ward misison leader brother Silva baptized him, and the bishop confirmed him the next day, sunday. I believe I was the most impressed and touched as they asked him to go up and share his testimony. we had never expained to him really how to bear testimony or what that meant, but he went up there and said in his simple language, "I know the church is true." He had been an investigator of many churches, and I am just glad he was able to say that and really feel it, finally he has found his rest in this church. 

now we just keep going! Im excited to find more to teach here in Santa Rosa. It is more or less an area untouched by missionaries, and we found a middle-aged woman named Lita really, really interested thanks to one of the only members that live there. She had so many questions. I have to be honest and say I have never seen a person so interested in our beliefs. She takes everything in very quickly, and with hunger. We just need to find her husband who is a workaholic. It happens. but Im excited to go out there in the dirt roads and find more people, and to teach Lita and her family more of the gospel. 

other than all that good news, I am doing good. I am learning little by little what is expected of me here by Heavenly Father. Reading my patriarchal blessing, one of the biggest promises I have seen is that I will face a lot of challenges. As Neal A. Maxwell said, I´m learning to "partake of lifes bitter cups, but without coming bitter." and taking consolation in the words of Kim B. Clark last conference, "We dont have to be perfect, but we do need to try and getting better." The gospel works man. It´s good. Love you all. I´ll keep chugging along down here!

Elder Caldwell.


the baptism of francisco :)

we went to the park today. hammock time again.

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