Monday, March 21, 2016


im coming in with some news this fine day.

boy i have slow internet today. Well, this week I picked up the missionary im training to be the next secretary here in the office and he learns really fast. His name is Elder Millett from the great factory of missionaries called Utah. He is from Lindon. He is my 2nd companion who is taller than me and that makes me feel good because it adds a different dynamic to life. He is just a lightning bolt with the finances here so im happy for him, he will do a great job.

and that means im leaving this place here in a week! i probably wont be in trujillo for the rest of my mission. Im probably going to go to Chimbote or a place called Casma. Either one, Im really excited and nervous for the new adventure ahead, with more challenges. Probably next week Ill be able to tell you guys where Im going. But for now, im happy just to train and make sure the mission is in good hands. 

we went to the temple today as a district, it was fantastic. Everytime I enter into a temple I feel my soul just kind of rest and it makes me realize how long I had waited to go back. As we walked in today, a latino brother said to all of us gringos in english, "Welcome home." 

in regards to our investigator friends, we have been recently teaching a family really interested, im going to miss them a lot. They have SO many questions, we usually take an hour just to answer all their questions (i dont dont suggest this way of teaching) and then we have to leave, so we are moving little by little right now but it always leaves a nice spirit in our hearts knowing that we are helping this family come closer to Christ. They are the Narcisso Family. The last time I went we were talking a little before the prayer and I was telling them all where I had been in my mission, and it just amazes them that a gringo like me survived up in the mountainous areas. We laughed about it for awhile and it made me realize how far I have come and how much I have learned out here, holy cow. Im loving it. 

Well, I love you. espero que todos puedan perseverar hasta el fin escribiéndome, porque me ayuda mucho como misionero. les prometo que les voy a escribir también. les amo. 

I know that the Atonement is true!

Elder Caldwell


one is of me and a guy name Elder Harper. He reminds me of a hippy. The other is my financial son, Elder Millett. He is the taller one. Theyre great friends.

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