Wednesday, May 25, 2016

5-16-16 going and doing no más


week 1 of training. it has been glorious. I met my new companion about a week ago and he
came really prepared, I am very blessed to have him. He is from the jungle called Pucallpa,
Peru and his name is Elder Gavidia. He is so humble. Quick story with him. The first few
days I think caught him by surprise by how fast I walk. He walked pretty slow, and I dont blame
him because he is just starting his service. So I told him "Goal number one: Walk with
dedication and work with dedication. Walk at my speed. Its hard work but we need to show
God we want to work." It was slow at first, but day by day he started catching up and now
is walking like a pro. He always asked me "Am I walking better? Am I teaching the people better?
What can I do better?" His humility made me want to straight cry because he is so willing.

We truly faced a lot of opposition this week unfortunately but they are lessons learned. I honestly
feel so lucky because my companion never complains, it is a dream come true. Yesterday
was a crazy experience for him and I. We met some very, VERY devote evangelicals and we
decided to sit down with them and try to teach them. They resisted though and actually started
shouting at us and insulting us, trying to force us to listen to them and they were very dramatic.
I told them straight up, we are out of here my friends. This is enough. The crazy guy (not in his mind) actually tried to like hug me and put me back into my seat but I forced myself out of that
place haha. It was nuts, my companion was half traumatized but now we just laugh about it because we learned to be better. Im thankful to laugh about past failures and to move on from them
to be a better person.

Wish I could say more, its hard. so many things going on in my brain. Ill say more next week
about the adventures of Elder Gavidia and I. We are putting our all into it and im thankful for
him and his willingness to do so. 


Elder Caldwell.

pics: walking zion

chacra selfie

the night i met the next dragon warrior 

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