Sunday, May 8, 2016


i cant believe im back here already. does anyone feel like they are in a strange time vortex like me.

cherishing the moments out here in viru. Writing a little later today, we had to have a surprise moveout. We got kicked out and had to find another apartment real quick and move out. Haha just kidding it was a little more planned out than that. But we love our new pad. Fresh paint of yellow in our study room. 

Elder Henao is one of my best companions Ive had out here, we are turning this place upside down. Siento un poco amargo that ive been forgetting so much to take more photos out here, especially our family home evening groups we have on mondays and the other hoots out here. 

One lesson learned: is turning our thoughts always to virtue. When I think of the Atonement and the infinite ability it has to make us more happy in this life, it truly lifts me and makes me so much more happy. I feel a buoyant peace when I think that I can be free of my errors and sins each day I make them, and I can look forward to that relief. It is truly amazing. The adversary is sometimes so good at trapping our thoughts that we are never good enough, that we will never get better, and tempts us to go back to our old ways like dogs to their vomit. But I know that through the sacrifice of our Lord we can turn into new people. 

Its a slow process out here in this area, to be honest. There are many less actives as I said before I think. Recently we found the ex-branch president of the branch here that was president 16 years ago, and has been inactive since we was relieved. He has gotten himself into a little trouble with addiction and I can see the healing process take place in him. It brings me much hope. We said a prayer with him last week, and he offered it. After a thoughtful prayer, he looked up at us with his squinty eyes and said in his rough, farmer peruvian voice, "It´s coming off." He motioned to his back, referencing to the weight he has felt all these years. I know that if we try, we can all feel the same as that man Carlos. He´s the come back kid. So are we. 

We keep battling out here. We are seeing a lot of opposition in much of our work that puts us back, but we are trying. 

I love you guys! Have a sweet month of May. May the fourth be with you on the 4th. And enjoy cindo de mayo por favor para mi. Coman mucho choclo con pimiento y otras cosas mexicanas. 

Im still drinking lots of water. 

Elder Caldwell.

pics: cheesy ones.

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